July 19th, 2019

Leadership in Action: With Bonnie Philo and Elizabeth Weber

Team, I’d like to share with you some powerful messages and responses with Elizabeth Weber and Bonnie Philo which shed some insights into the mindset one needs to be a successful UnFranchise Owner. It reinforces what we’ve been saying and is a great exchange for other UFOs to see – so take a moment to read the messages blow 

My Original Message:

Team leaders: You may find some of these videos and PowerPoint relevant and helpful at this time in the business if you have gotten new legs started and growing. It has come up several times in the last two weeks. Let me know what you think. 

Please click on link below to download “BUSINESS BUILDING METHOD TO MADNESS B5.” Slides 99-105 have the slides you’re referring to below. 

Keep Growing!

-JR Ridinger 

Bonnie Philo’s Response:

Thank you for all of these emails coming thru. Timing is everything, as it was for me, Steve Harris, and so many others. It’s not a no forever, just a no for now. And sometimes everyone needs a push. Jim Winkler inspired me at our District Conference a few weeks back. In between his speaking sessions he sat at the back table on his phone and was out loud saying “1”…”2″….and he told me he was reaching out to his possibility list!! Brilliant. At his own speaking District Conference, he took 4 minutes to do this. Inspiring! Well he challenged me to do the same and it became a fun game. He ended up with 5 so of course so did I. The results….out of the 5, one is a product user, 3 never even got back to me with an acknowledgment…next! And one accepted an appointment. He has been in my funnel for years, knows what I do…. timing! He is in process, not of registering, but of putting together his list and thanked me for reaching out. And is now using the Cell Lab creme and loves it. Never underestimate the power of our products and leading with them. You just Can’t say the wrong thing if it’s the right person. I’ve challenged my team over the years to just do 1 just do 2 just do 3 just do something daily. Thru my UBP councils and UFOs we have moved over 8 tix to IC over the past 10 days(it’s never too late) and I received a text last night from a UFO, who was on the verge of an exit plan, who went to Sarah’s NM training, got certified and let me know she will see me in GSO! It works when we follow the blueprint and plug into the system. Thank you all for all you do. It never goes unnoticed and we could not not do what we do if it were not for our people power of helping others, whether we are financially connected or not. God bless. See you in Greensboro! 


Elizabeth Weber’s Response:

So true!  I’ve been traveling this past week and I’ve collected several new names and have been building many relationships. Having fun!!! You have got to get in the habit of adding at least two every day and booking two evaluations a week.  I’m the happiest when I’m actually doing what we tell other people to do And I’m in the trenches helping others.

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