June 30th, 2020

Layered: All Styles Now Available in Canada

The Layered product line has been a smash hit since making its debut and is such a tremendous product for UnFranchise Owners due to the incredible quality and reasonable price point. It the perfect mix of affordability and style – and really resonates with people around the world. The Layered product line can have a huge impact on the success and growth of your business because it gives you the means to leverage the booming jewelry industry. I’m very excited to announce that Layered is now available in Canada!

I’ve included our official announcement below, along with an interesting blog post from a few months ago showing how Jackie Blasko leveraged this product line with some empowering trunk-show events. You can apply the same principles by hosting trunk-show type events on Zoom. Before the pandemic slowed the supply chain, people like Jacki Blasko were setting records with Layered – and now that we’ve got these in-demand products available again, it provides everyone with a crucial means boost their business! Spread the word and share your results with me! 

Keep Growing!

-JR Ridinger

Did you know that that the jewelry industry is valued at US$71.3 billion, with Walmart being a top seller of jewelry at US$2.9 billion per year? As a product brokerage company, we are able to swing with the marketplace and meet consumer demands by offering exclusive brands across numerous multibillion-dollar markets. 

Market America made its premiere to a new multibillion-dollar industry — jewelry — in February creating massive opportunity for UnFranchise Owners and customers.

Introducing the new semi-precious jewelry line, Layered, in Canada

Layered presents luxurious, modern and affordable jewelry that celebrates all of your layers. 

The modern woman is multifaceted, taking on many important roles in the various aspects of her life. Inspired by her own multi-layered life as a busy mom, trendsetter, entrepreneur and influencer, Amber Ridinger-McLaughlin set out to create a line of jewelry that allows women to create their unique style and celebrate their own beautiful layers. 

The line features sleek and stunning design which feel both modern and timeless. Each piece has a base metal of sterling silver, which is a semi-precious metal and prevents your pieces from tarnishing. You can layer pieces to create a unique look or choose to wear them as a stand-alone statement. Many pieces can be worn in more than one way. With pieces starting at CAN$39.00, this is luxury that anyone can afford and blows away competitor pricing that does not even offer the same quality of metals that Layered does.

With new products comes new opportunity to grow your UnFranchise Business. As an exclusive product line, these pieces will solely be available through UnFranchise Owners and have an average of 25% retail profit and a minimum of 80% BV. Further, there is a turn-key business system to support your success with Layered.

Resources are already available for you to start expanding your business with Layered today:


Promotional and inspirational images about the line and events are now available on UnFranchise.com and Pinterest. Share these images with prospective hostesses, customers and stylists and to market your business.


Layered logos are available on UnFranchise.com and Pinterest.

Use in emails and on social media to easily share contact info and show you are in business.

Trunk Shows

Digital Trunk Shows can be created on UnFranchise.com. A Layered Jewelry Trunk Show is like having a pop-up store with your favorite people in the comfort of your own home or online. When you create a Layered Trunk Show, a unique page is created for your show that can be shared via social media, text or email with your customers to join you for your special event. 

To create a Layered Trunk Show, visit UnFranchise.com > Ordering > Layered Jewelry > Host a Layered Trunk Show  


Share your website with customers for easy shopping: GetLayered.com/yourname

Social Media

Learn more about products, care and get inspired for how to layer your pieces.

Finally, remember that the opportunity does not end at the initial point of sale. Many of your customers also take supplements, wear makeup, clean their homes, buy everyday items and/or may be looking to create an additional stream of income. As with any product line, your customers very often become possibilities for the UnFranchise Business. Follow the exact same process to qualify prospects while leveraging the new demographic of possibilities that Layered offers. 

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