January 16th, 2014

Last Minute Shopping: eGifts Saves the Day

eGifts is an amazing feature of SHOP.COM that makes last-minute gift-giving a piece of cake – whether it’s for birthday’s graduations, or the holidays. In fact, this holiday season many shoppers turned to this helpful tool on SHOP.COM to handle all of their last minute shopping needs. If you’ve got an eGifts story to share with us

Below you’ll find a great testimonial from Betsy McClellan Hall, who was able to use eGifts to do some great last-minute Christmas shopping for her brother and sons. eGifts is the perfect solution for the busy person on the go, so make sure you remember this amazing feature of SHOP.COM the next time you need to find the perfect present in a hurry!

Keep Growing!

-JR Ridinger


Hi JR,

It was the 25th of December. I’d helped the Free Clinic gather toys for needy children… I’d helped a homeless friend with transportation, meals and basics… I’d started a new job… I’d sung carols with family and friends… but, no presents for family members.

So, I went online and sent my brother an e-gift. While everyone else was sleeping in, he opened his present in his email. A power tool junky, he selected the ergonomic gloves from Brookside, designed to lessen the stress on his hands from vibration. Success! I’d never have even thought of finding those in a mall. I gave my sons each a card with credit towards buying something on “my website” to help them learn more about the business and let them choose their own gifts.

Thanks for the mall without walls! 



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