July 13th, 2017

Keep Growing: The Power of the ABC Pattern

We’ve got another great video to share with you from my Keep Growing Series – and this week were focusing on understanding how to get the most out of The ABC Pattern, and why it’s such a critical and fundamental part of business building. The Follow Up, Trail Run and ABC Pattern are without question some of the most important aspects of the Basic 5, yet for some reason people seem to have the most questions and difficulty grasping and leveraging these concepts.

To help everyone better understand how The ABC Pattern works I’ve put together a quick video with excerpts from my stage presentation where I explain in detail how to build this business the right way and duplicate from the bottom up. Some people are visual learners, and these videos can serve as excellent learning tools to share with your team – and might be just what they need to generate that billionth of a volt so they “get it” and start duplicating success themselves.

You can CLICK HERE to access this video on YouTube or check it out below. Be a leader and share this video with your team today – and stay tuned for more videos as we build towards International Convention!

Keep Growing!
-JR Ridinger





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