May 6th, 2019

KC Boutiette: Supporting our Isotonix Teammate on American Ninja Warrior

Building brand awareness is obviously a critical component of retail success, and celebrity endorsements mean a lot in that regard – especially when you’re talking about supplements that have an impact on your body’s performance. Finding the right ambassador for your product is critical because they ultimately serve as the personification of your brand and product – and add a human component to the entire dynamic. 

The Isotonix family is truly blessed to have four-time Olympian KC Boutiette as a brand ambassador for Peak Performance Blend– in fact, he’s much more than a mere product ambassador. KC played a critical role in helping us develop this cutting-edge supplement because as a world-class athlete, he understands what sets our products apart from all the rest.  

KC Boutiette’s story is one of triumph and trendsetting – having represented the United States as a four-time Olympian and a pioneer who transitioned from inline skater to long track speed skating fixture. His transition from inline to ice payed bigtime off for this trailblazing athlete who competed in four Olympics and was an important member of numerous world championship teams. As a world-class athlete, KC clearly knows a thing or two about proper supplementation and taking care of your body – that’s why he turns to Isotonix OPC3 and Peak Performance Blend. You can read more about his rave reviews of Isotonix here on the UnFranchise Blog.

It’s very exciting to have KC Boutiette on the Isotonix team, and it’s even more exciting when you consider he’ll be appearing this season on NBC’s American Ninja Warrior! His true reason for competing on this incredible show makes it even more special and will really resonate with UFO’s around the world. Like many of us, KC is all about family, and he’s competing on American Ninja Warrior for his son and daughter. His daughter has 1p36 Deletion Syndrome, so competing on ANW is a powerful way for KC to not only celebrate his family but to also help raise awareness for this terrible disease. 

One easy way we can all support KC as he competes on American Ninja Warrior is to post about it on social media. Here we have a world-class athlete who swears by the Isotonix product line competing on a major network tv show, so let’s show the world what People Power is all about by rallying around our teammate and showing him some love on social media – especially considering he’s competing on this show for his son and daughter and helping raise awareness for her tragic condition. 

No matter if he wins or not, KC is already a hero in my book so let’s show him the love and support he deserves as a trailblazing Olympian but even more importantly as a father just trying to help his daughter. Tune in for his appearance this season on American Ninja Warrior and support our teammate! The filming for the show will take place in Tacoma, WA on May 11th – so if you live in the area this is an excellent opportunity to show up in-person and cheer for KC and his family! 

Keep Growing and Good Luck, KC!

-JR Ridinger 

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