May 13th, 2014

Kathy Kaufman: A Product of the Product

Doing a Home Assessment is a quick and easy way to locate missed opportunities to leverage the Shopping Annuity – and could be just what you need to help take your UnFranchise Business to the next level. The Shopping Annuity and the ABC Pattern are crucial for your success, so be sure to have a look at my presentation from this year’s World Conference which helps explain these critical concepts.

I’ve also included below a very special message I received from UnFranchise Owner Kathy Kaufman, who’s included some great photos to show you how important it is to be a product of the product! She provides a great example of our system in action – selling tickets, selling products, using the tools, and finding coachable partners! Please take a moment to read Kathy’s incredible message – then take a few moments to do a Home Assessment on your own!

When you combine our incredible People Power with superior products, it’s easy to see why the UnFranchise Business is helping entrepreneurs all around the world build time and financial freedom!

Keep Growing!

-JR Ridinger



I wanted to share my last month’s activities with you.  Before Miami convention I found an awesome woman online, Diana Valenzuela (Originally from Mexico).  She had just been downsized like me and many others.  I interviewed her and then invited her to convention. She came the first morning and by the afternoon she brought Sammy Diaz. (Originally from Cuba).

That night they brought a third person to the Spanish Coring.  The following week they registered dozens of new customers on my portal via their trial run and gave me 100 names.  When I got home they were sending pictures of the presentations they were doing.  They really hadn’t been taught anything yet. They were just going through the whole system like the invisible train on steroids.

I coached them to use the nutriphysical and the Home Assessment and made sure they did it first so they understood what it was about and could transfer their own buying. I took the auto train back down to Miami so I’d have my car and my trunk full of MA stuff and did 5 presentations back to back for them.  They have 4 people going to the Hollywood UBP tonight and 4 registered for Carlos’ Motives training.

I drove back up the East Coast teaching new distributors the same thing and I’m currently in Philadelphia with a distributor who got so fired up from watching the people below her doing this on social media that she decided to do a presentation centered on the Home Assessment. 

I have a background in computer engineering and I think that software is incredible.  The comparison charts for each product are amazing. If people are not using the Home Assessment and the nutriphysical they are missing the boat! When I first started I loved our system but I really didn’t believe our products were so much better than everything else.  Boy was I wrong.

Thank you and the corporate team for setting the trends on the Internet.

-Kathy Kaufman

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