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February 27th, 2012

Just 3 Days away from Market UK

ARE YOU MISSING OUT? Are you ready? Do you realize that your existing home county (US) organization already exists in the UK? That’s right – it’s in the computer but has no volume yet or new recruits or action yet. It is transparently overlaid in that country. You do not need to go there first to get it going!


Work your entire organization from the bottom up like a challenge by doing counseling’s, corings, webinars, and conference calls and ask everyone these question and probe them and then get them to do this check list with their circle of influence.  An organization of a thousand UFO’s will end up with 100 to 250 leads, and an organization of one hundred with around 25 possibilities. Someone with ten thousand can easily see 2,500 possibilities or leads.


If you PLUG them in and use this WEBINAR of the plan and send them to a meeting that Jim Winkler does next week you may score big time. The odds are in your favor, but you will never know if you don’t try!  Here is the PLAY! Here is the drill! This is what you do with your entire organization from the bottom up! He who hesitates is lost. The person who succeeds simply does what the person who failed didn’t do!


Here is the Play – the checkllist:


  • Cross-pollination & referral campaign for 1 week in group!
  • Apex UFO’s “pump” if you start at the bottom of your organization and work up the lines asking everyone to do this checklist exercise and actually contact people – they will get results and the numbers of referrals or possibilities accumulates! (At some point there are possibilities rolling up 2 lines to an apex in the binomial system. The person that owns that BDC and the up line now have a reason to “pump it” – meaning to contact, call, communicate with people. Send them emails with links and attachments. Get them on the Webinar. Get them to a meeting we are doing in the UK. If something gets going you have a reason to activate a global center!)
  • Follow the plan taught by Dennis
  • If BV + $ = Go There!
  • Checklist of Questions or probes to systematically go over with each person in your existing organization overplayed in the UK

-Start with yourself and spouse and immediate family -Use your electronic address book or contact list from work and organizations to stimulate your thinking or jog your memory -Who do you know that lives or works in the UK? -Relatives? -Who used to live there? -Who travels there for work? -Who is going there in the future? -Who took a vacation there? -Ask everyone these same questions when speaking to them -Ask all of your customers and PC’s -Ask your MA business partners -Ask your neighbors -Ask your relatives – all of them! – you are expanding there! you need their help – not to get the person in the business but to see if they know the right people! -Ask everyone you know at work. -Ask people you do business with. -Ask people at church, clubs, and the gym.

  • Hang out at Airports or Cruise Ship terminals and talk to people geting off flights from the UK – I know it sounds crazy but it works!
  • Everyone should put posts up on FB, Twitter, and LinkedIn explaining that MA and Shop are opening and expanding into the UK
  • Search FB, Twitter, or LinkedIn for users, fan clubs & groups that would be good for the business.

-People that have profiles with attributes: entrepreneurial, direct sales, or networking backgrounds. -Marketers, sales, internet marketing, ecommerce, e-retailing, shopping, health and nutrition, cosmetics, websites or any University major. -Loren and Steve taught this.

You can begin to use this now! The online webinar presenting Market United Kingdom has been completed by our VP of Sales, Jim Winkler.

Here is the link:


  • This system sends a confirmation email when you register.
  • It allows you to watch an immediate webinar if you choose “Watch Yesterday’s Replay now”
  • It is running three times a day (noon, 7pm, and 9pm in the time zone where you register from) – 7 days a week.
  • If you register a few days ahead of time – it sends you an email reminder 23 hours prior to the webinar and 15 minutes before it starts.
  • After the webinar ends – it sends a follow up email that gives a link to review the webinar in case the person who registered did not watch the webinar.
  • At the end of the webinar – the viewer is prompted to contact whoever sent them to the site.


A tip from Executive Vice President, Dennis Franks:

“As always it is best to have a communication prior to sharing the plan to make sure that the prospect is interested in viewing the plan. You know what I say, show the plan to people who want to see it. The closing rate goes up dramatically.”


Please see the attached document for scheduled meetings and trainings that will be conducted February 24 – March 17.

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