Join us for a Powerhouse UBP at MAIC2021

I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to see my UnFranchise family at our upcoming International Convention, mainly because I love getting down to the fundamentals of success and helping others unlock their potential. If you’re interested in unlocking the potential of your business, then this event is a no brainer for you.

To really take it to the next level, I urge everyone to attend our Wednesday night UBP. I’ll be hosting this special UBP along with Andrew Weissman and suggest everyone join us for this powerhouse business building opportunity. This is one of the easiest ways to leverage this event and start off on the right path to success! If you haven’t already done so – Get Your MAIC2021 Tickets Today!!!

You’ll gain invaluable knowledge, insight, and business-building guidance that you can apply in your entrepreneurial journey as you continue to grow your UnFranchise Business.

Please note: The Special UBP will be available online in both English and Mandarin for those who cannot attend in person. All #MAIC2021 ticket holders are automatically registered for the Special UBP and will be receiving a unique registration link specifically to share with prospects so they can register for the Special UBP.

I hope to see YOU there for this Special UBP at #MAIC2021! 

Keep Growing!

-JR Ridinger  

Here’s a look back at our UBP from #MAWC2021!!


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