Join Luzby Hernandez for a Spanish UBP on Zoom

Tonight on Zoom you have a tremendous opportunity to leverage a UBP in Spanish with Luzby Hernandez. This represents the perfect chance to utilize Luzby’s expertise and acumen to give your business building efforts a boost. This is an excellent event for any of your Spanish speaking friends, and the best part is following the UBP at 8pm EDT, Luzby will also host a follow up session at 9pm EDT. Don’t miss this unique chance to build and grow with Luzby!

Keep Growing!

-JR Ridinger

September 9

Presentación de Negocio UnFranchise 

  • Who: Luzby Hernandez
  • Time: 8:00pm ET
  • Zoom Link: Click to register
  • Facebook Link: Click for event
  • Acompaña a Luzby Hernández, Directora de Desarrollo para el Mercado Hispano, para una Presentación de Negocio UnFranchise. Invita a todos sus invitados a evaluar esta gran oportunidad de negocio.

Cómo comenzar el negocio UnFranchise® Correctamente 

  • Who: Luzby Hernandez
  • Time: 9:00pm ET
  • Zoom Link: Click to register
  • Facebook Link: Click for event
  • Aprender los pasos importantes para desarrollar el negocio UnFranchise.


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