November 21st, 2011

It’s Later Than You Think

I receive hundreds of emails from distributors throughout the week, and I enjoy communicating with them very much. But every once in a while, I read something that really moves me, and makes me pause. Having a passion for the business and a desire to do well for your family is one thing, but the motivation Cheyn Crangle feels is nothing short of remarkable.


Cheyn understands all too well just how precious our time on this planet is – and understands you must make the most out of the opportunity you have. Cheyn is a true hero, and we are fortunate to have such a fine person as a member of our Market America family. I would like to ask you all to take the time to read Cheyn’s powerful words, as they are deeply profound and inspirational:


Market America friends,

“It’s later than you think…” – Pretty powerful comment when you think about it.  You ever really think about it though?  Like really think about the possibility of life coming to an end before you’re ready?  Today is just another normal day for most people, except for me.  Many people have asked me, “Cheyn, where do you get your energy from?” or “Cheyn, how do you build this business with such intensity” or “Cheyn, why do you do Market America?”  The answer is pretty simple – I do it for them.  I do it for my buddies who six years ago today gave the greatest sacrifice of all, their lives.

Sacrifice.  It’s easy to get irritated.  Trust me, you probably are starting to realize that owning your own business is challenging but also very exciting.  Time must be sacrificed in order to commit to your business.  People rely on you to educate them and take them to the “promised land.”  The compounding effect of the business takes time and we want it now!  Someone scheduled a Home Business Presentation on Sunday and now you need to miss the football game – or – Call Workshop is going on during bowling league night and you can’t let your buddies down…  While I understand the value of having personal things to do, I am here to explain the importance of sacrifice.


November 14th, 2005.  Operation Steel Curtain.  The second largest offensive recorded in Iraq.  It’s 0430 (am) in New Ubaydi, Iraq.  Then, Lance Corporal Crangle is sitting behind a mountainous ridge that is less than one mile away from a soon to be war zone.  I look down at my body and clothes, dirt and sand everywhere.  This is the third city since November 5th that our company of Marines is about clear.  Insurgents know we are coming, they are dug in deep.  The air was heavy and quite, you could feel what was literally about to happen.  We get the orders to stand and get “on line”.  As I stand I throw up, a lot.  Even though I’d been fighting for the past nine days straight, this felt different and everyone was on edge.  We start marching in line to a spot less than 100 yards from the city.  As we stretch out in Brave Heart fashion an explosion is heard to my left.  Our first KIA for this city, Major Mendoza – our Commanding Officer.  We don’t have time to think, another leader fills his spot, then we CHARGE!  We hit the first row of houses clearing through the rooms searching for the enemy.  We get to the roof an are pinned down as an immense fire fight wages with the enemy hiding in the buildings in front of us.  We bound to the next house clearing it and engaging enemy as they appear.  We get to the roof and see intense fighting on the street below us to the left.  Over the next hour seven more Marines from our unit gave their life in a gruesome battle with hand to hand combat.  That one hour alone changed me.  The 19 year old boy that I was, became a 19 year old man of understanding.


What did I understand?  I saw life for what it is, precious.  I was not a hero.  In fact, I was scared beyond my wildest dreams.  I witnessed very ordinary boys doing incredible manly things.  Life is journey and everyone’s is different.  But please understand that the journey you make is the one YOU choose.

You see, it’s really easy to come up with excuses on why you shouldn’t or don’t have time for the business.  It’s easy to push off a meeting because you’re tired and just worked an eight hour day.  It’s easy to not attend training because you just worked a 50 hour week and deserve a pat on the back and a break.  But what isn’t easy is sacrifice. This business is a journey filled with sacrifice.  You will face challenges, you will face skepticism, you will face indifference.  When you face those challenges though, what will you do? I’m telling you to FACE IT! You have one chance to impact this world.  This business is it!  Then next time you are about to complain about being tired, stressed, or upset…I ask you to ask yourself this, “Is it really that bad?”  I promise without a shadow of a doubt in my mind that there are men and women of this great country in a tougher spot than you.

You have a gift.  You have a gift that American’s have given their LIVES for, that gift is freedom.  Do not waste your life not accomplishing what you deserve.  Do not waste your days wishing things were better but sitting stagnant waiting for the business to grow.  Do not underestimate the power of vertical marketing and Market America.  You have a gift.  What will you do with it?  Many American’s have given their lives to ensure we have the right to be free.  I beg you not to waste this opportunity to get what you want out of life, because I promise…it’s later than you think.

God Bless you on this journey,

Cheyn Crangle


KIA – November 14, 2005

Maj Mendoza

Lt McGlouthlan

Cpl Rogers

Cpl Ware

LCpl McCrakin

Cpl Longoria

LCpl Deeds

LCpl Lucente

Pray for their families on this day – then go “Do Something” 

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