July 17th, 2017

Introduction to JR Ridinger’s 25th Convention Reflections and Making the Next 25 years Even Better

Shopping Annuity Purpose and Future: Doing It Right

New improvements, changes in SABP after 3rd quarter, 4th quarter New SA Master Member(Mass) improvements, Master SA BV products to make it easy to do 500 BV converting Spending into earning rather than using customers.


I am sure that you have heard the stories and statements that our number one product is and always has been belief. I would like you to consider something before diving into this next important article and lesson this week which will also be out on video soon before convention. I’ve talked a lot about the vision and belief and how the genesis of the company was based upon or driven by belief when we had very little other than the plan. However, that shared belief resulted in the Corporate Team and the early UFO’s making it happen and creating everything that was needed to bring us to where we are today.

The only thing better than believing is knowing. I knew that the business model worked because of experience, research, knowledge and God given intuitive epiphanies. It made too much sense and was in line with reality but much of what was envisioned didn’t exist yet. The plan required complicated programming for the MPCP and many other things (like products and a Shop.com like Universal shopping cart). My belief was different than others who joined me because I knew WHY and how it would work. The question was could I get others to believe, because I couldn’t do it alone. So it is true then that our number one product was and is belief. Belief is a relative thing up until asked to take a committing step that risks everything like getting in the wheel barrow (the story and my demonstration).

Following the UnFranchise System, not trying to “beat the system”, doing things the right way, and doing the fundamentals of the business to succeed require constant preaching and teaching and leading by example. It has always been the greatest challenge for myself, corporate team and top UFO leaders. I don’t know why people don’t accept and just believe and act on the belief, especially after proving it several times. I guess it is human nature and the only real learning is experiential learning.  We are at an important intersection in our evolution and our role or significance in the world. I explain to YOU what the Shopping Annuity I about and why it will work, but just like the UnFranchise, MPCP, and Mall Without Walls was 25 years ago, everything isn’t there yet, perfect or finished. But it still works and will grow into something more powerful than the Uber’s of the world.  It all makes sense to people but they have trouble believing to a point that they do it right (converting spending into earning). The team and I say we are at the right place, at right time, with the right plan, opportunity, people and everyone nods but their actions sometimes do not demonstrate their belief or what they say they believe. Then years later people marvel at what manifested or happened and applaud the success. How many people do you think missed the Market America “ride” from the early years to where we are today?  You only see the ones who believed and did it.  How many people were there at the genesis and early evolving days of Google, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook or more recently Uber AND missed it because they hesitated or did not believe or act on their belief?

That is where Market America is with the Shopping Annuity which is an idea whose time has come and will develop into a world paradigm changing and history making economic and business model.

I am often asked what my greatest challenge was in Market America All of this reminds me of 25 years ago when I was trying to get people to “get” the Binomial MPCP and UnFranchise with the NMTSS and they thought I was crazy and ‘second guessed’ me on everything. Even more analogous is when we introduced requirements, monthly accrual option and activity requirements, because it would result in greater more stable earning and stabilize the MPCP as well as to ensure we are in safe harbor, many UFO’s and leaders resisted. There was almost a riot and mutiny and it was the most difficult time in the business. Today the same people and pioneers would not live without those requirements because it compounds and stabilized consistent and regenerated volume increasing and solidifying residual income. Everyone makes more money as a result.  I never once said I told you so. But this is the same type of thing today again with the Shopping Annuity and doing it correctly or duplication the UnFranchise System the way it is taught and intended. I guess everyone just has to waste a more little time and learn by experiencing it rather than just believing me and doing it. That’s OK, but it is all about time and it is later than you think.

I am often asked what was or is my biggest challenge or disappointment. They are actually two different things. I feel like it’s the same thing Steve Jobs struggled with. Job’s once said that “my greatest obstacle and challenge at Apple was not changing the world, but in convincing my own people!” His vision for the world through technology was more easily accepted by the world than by his own team! (History shows now that the world was ready for it.) Remember, he was even fired from his own company! That resonates with me and I identify with it. It has been my constant battle every year, every day for 25 years! From the beginning it has been about belief, and fighting preconceived notions, the status quo — and my own people trying to “beat the system” or not understanding and embracing the vision of the Shopping Annuity. Of course most do, but I worry about the ones who do not.  Now the same type of forward looking belief and action is about the Shopping Annuity, even though it was the original vision and mission and I talked about the concept for 25 years.

So before we go on with the series of lessons, articles and videos about our 25 years of success and what the future may hold after this convention; I wanted to share something with you that is actually very short about Steve Job’s, the iPhone and what happened before the iPhone and Apple changed the world technology wise. I am not comparing myself to or insinuating that I am in Steve Jobs ‘league. I do believe; however, that the technological and economic concept or model of the Shopping Annuity is as powerful and has the potential of Apple, iTunes, iOS and the iPhone and just like it at a point in time 10 to 15 years ago when it was undetermined in history what the outcome would be. What I do relate to with the Job’s –Apple story and is relevant to me is that the mission, visions and concept was more important than where he and Apple were at the time, but he knew what needed to be done and had the technological knowledge, answers  and facts as to why and how it would  work and happen.  The question was could he sell his own people and would his team believe enough to get on board and make it happen. They eventually did and look what happened!  But Jobs was so sure he said it already worked maybe before it really did. That reminds me a lot of the Shopping Annuity as conceptually it is sound and you can make it work now, but I talk about the near future as if it were now, just like he did. It is a similar scenario and process and what they have in common is that it is necessary to change the world. In fact I find that true of mist visionaries, or revolutionary concepts and technologies that an entrepreneurial sets out to create or accomplish.

I hope you enjoy the following article about the visionary Steve Jobs and I would love to hear your thoughts. Here is the link: How Steve Jobs Misled a Room Full of Tech Media and Changed the World.

Keep Growing!

JR Ridinger

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One Response to Introduction to JR Ridinger’s 25th Convention Reflections and Making the Next 25 years Even Better

  1. Barbara Montgomery says:

    JR–you and the team have given everyone the path to realise their purpose in this life with a remarkable company and compensation plan built on cooperation and collaboration. This is the “short cut”, and a remarkable one that anyone can succeed with by following the system–the brilliant system–that only gets better with time. Understanding it is the key, truly understanding it–thanks for taking the time to put these articles together. The passion you have for us all to succeed is one that I hope we will all breathe in, internalise, and have as a foundation in building our businesses.
    Thank you!

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