Introducing the UnFranchise and Binomial Manifesto Website

Today I am thrilled to have the opportunity to share with you a tremendous new resource to help you grow your UnFranchise Business – the UnFranchise and Binomial Manifesto Website. This incredible site serves as an amazing business building resource and information hub that will house all the documents, videos, and PowerPoints that help explain these subjects in simple terms that make it easy for anyone to understand their principles. It will also include the written manuscript which will be released shortly! Here is the link to this incredible new site:

The Manifesto is the document I created with our corporate team that explains why things are the way they are and the logic or reasoning behind everything including the math of the plan, legal safe harbor, leveraging productivity to maximize supplemental income, UnFranchise systemization & requirements – and the why’s behind them and how they are your best friend. The document fully compares The Binomial system and MPCP with the UnFranchise Business model against Direct Sales, Networking, MLM, and other Business opportunity models showing why this UnFranchise is superior and the solution.

The following 2 videos are the main courses on the philosophy, logic and reasoning behind the UnFranchise system, Binomial tracking system, and the MPCP. They are on the website for the UnFranchise & Binomial Manifesto:

UnFranchise Manifesto: Binomial & Unfranchise Genesis and Evolution

UnFranchise Manifesto: Binomial vs. MLM/Network Marketing

Supplemental Education and Information:

Below you’ll find links to more videos that drill down on subjects to become an expert providing additional education and information…

The Difference – Why this isn’t MLM

President & CEO of Market America, JR Ridinger, explains the differences between the UnFranchise business and traditional MLM/Network Marketing in a quick snap shot.

Market America Celebrates 20 Years

The Market America Corporate Team looks back at the first 20 years and provides their thoughts looking forward to the next 20 years.

Priming the Binomial Pump vs the MLM Pumps with JR Ridinger

President & CEO, Jr Ridinger demonstrates the difficulty in developing a traditional MLM/Network Marketing compared to the Binomial system with the UnFranchise business. ‘The Pumps’ demonstration clearly explains the truth behind what it takes to successfully develop a traditional MLM/Network Marketing business regarding the continuous large numbers of people necessary to recruit in order to realize any kind of success.  The Binomial system with the UnFranchise business is based statistically on what an individual can actually, realistically and has already been proven to do resulting in a much higher probability of success. It demonstrates that MLM requires priming 10 or more people-teams vs. just 2 with 1 binomial pump. It demonstrates the downfall of horizontal marketing compared to the power and synergy of vertical marketing.


Success from Home: One to One with JR Ridinger

President & CEO, JR Ridinger explains how technology enables the personalization of identifying what people want and providing it to them.  With one-to-one marketing, e-commerce and Internet technology, Market America has the ability to track what millions of customers want and treat each one individually.  One-to-One marketing refers to the ability to match products to people and people to products.

Success from Home: The UnFranchise System with JR Ridinger

President & CEO, Jr Ridinger educates how the UnFranchise business incorporates all the strengths and components of franchising while eliminating the weaknesses.  Like a franchise, Market America provides a systemized and standardized business, state-of-the-art management systems, merchandising and marketing tools, standardized training systems, potential tax advantages and growing visibility.  However, unlike a franchise, there are no franchise fees, no monthly royalties and no territorial restrictions.  You can start part-time with flexible hours, minimal startup expenses and little to no risk.


A Product Brokerage & Internet Marketing Company

As a Product Brokerage Company, Market America identifies the latest market-driven products and services. The business is designed to move with consumer demands and follow trends in the marketplace.  Market America is also an Internet Marketing Company. When you establish an UnFranchise® business, you are equipped with a SHOP.COM website.


Horizontal vs. Vertical Marketing

Horizontal Marketing is an organizational structure that most businesses use. With a horizontal structure, an economic incentive to help others succeed does not exist. Market America has created a revolutionary organizational structure with vertical marketing. Vertical Marketing is an organizational structure that provides an environment in which there is an economic synergy between the people participating throughout the entire organization rather than everyone being in completion with each other and the organizer or sponsor spreading themselves thin and increasing their overhead or expense to support many horizontal units, teams, stores or people.

I Still Think it is a Pyramid Scheme (Funny Cartoon)

A hilarious cartoon on the misconceptions between a network marketing business and pyramid scheme. For all of those in the network marketing industry that have met somebody like this. 😉

Market America & SHOP.COM Overview

Market America | SHOP.COM is changing the way people shop and changing the economic paradigm. Market America is a product brokerage and Internet marketing company that specializes in one-to-one marketing and social shopping.

Five Steps to Build an UnFranchise Business

Learn the five steps to successfully establish and develop an UnFranchise® business to create a supplemental income.


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