November 30th, 2018

Introducing the New and Improved!

The Shopping Annuity is a revolutionary concept that allows average consumers to reclaim their piece of the eCommerce pie by paying them to shop on SHOP.COM. What makes the Shopping Annuity so revolutionary is the fact you don’t need a massive sum of money to get the ball rolling like you must with a traditional annuity from a bank/lender.

The Shopping Annuity simply helps you convert a portion of what you’re already spending anyway back into earning through Cashback (for customers) and IBV (for UnFranchise Owners). This concept is already sweeping the globe, and with our new and improved, we know even more people will be able to learn about this life-changing concept!

Our teams have poured a lot of time and effort into updating, with the goal of making this website a tremendous recruiting tool for UnFranchise Owners which can help people grasp how this concept works, as well as show them how much the Shopping Annuity can actually save them! As you can see the new home page is cleaner with a great flow of imagery and information that helps convey what the Shopping Annuity is all about…

One of the most important features on the new and improved is our Mini Shopping Annuity Assessment which is a quick and convenient way for people to discover how much they can save with the Shopping Annuity based on a high-level analysis of their spending habits. While this Mini Assessment isn’t as detailed and granular as the one within the UnFranchise Account, this still serves as an excellent starting point and overview for people to begin to understand and comprehend the impact the Shopping Annuity can have on their lives.

Showing people what the Shopping Annuity can do for them is the first step towards helping make this crucial concept click, and having your prospects take the Mini Shopping Annuity Assessment is the best way to accomplish this. I’ve included below a few screenshots from the Mini Assessment just to give you an idea of what it looks like. The best part is we took these shots on a phone, because this site is totally responsive and looks amazing on mobile devices – which means this recruiting tool is very mobile friendly and makes it even easier to show to people…

As you can see the new Shopping Annuity site is an excellent upgrade and a great recruiting tool for UFOs – and the best part is you have your own site! Just like your shopping portal, UFOs each have their own Shopping Annuity site ( This is a great update which will really benefit UnFranchise Owners.

Below I’ve included our official corporate announcement about the new and improved, along with 5 things you can do with the new site to help your business. This is a major upgrade and another critical step in the evolution of the Shopping Annuity as we continue to share this concept with the world and help new people convert spending into earning. The new represents a tremendous recruiting tool and resource for UnFranchise Owners, so read the following information and learn how you can utilize this incredible new website…


Welcome to Your New Shopping Annuity Website

The brand new, globally unified is now live in six languages. The new site has been redesigned to provide your prospects with a clear explanation of what the Shopping Annuity is, membership options and benefits, products available, training, success stories and more.  The site also features a mini Shopping Annuity Assessment that your prospects can take in 5 minutes or less to get an idea for how they could convert their spending into earning.  Best of all, each UFO till now have their own site just as they do with and, so they can use this to prospect and share the Shopping Annuity.

Highlights include:

  1. Home

Through content and videos, the page provides a high-level overview of the Shopping Annuity and entices prospects to learn more.  You’ll find global savings statistics and be taken through the 4 steps to build a Shopping Annuity.  At the bottom of the page your prospect will be prompted to take the Mini Shopping Annuity Assessment to evaluate their spending by taking a quick online quiz.

  1. Mini Shopping Annuity Assessment

The mini assessment is a shorter version of the complete assessment that can be completed quickly. For example, when identifying regular spending, the prospect will select if their spending is below average, average or above average for each of the categories rather than having to enter in a specific amount.   Once completed, you and your prospect will be emailed a report with an estimate for spending, BV and IBV generated based on their responses.  They will also see potential earnings over 3,5 and 10 years if they built an organization of 12 UFOs on the left and right.  Finally, we show that earning potential if that same organization also built a customer base.  The benefits of the full Shopping Annuity Assessment – lists, product and store recommendations, reminders, AutoShip etc. – are available to UnFranchise Owners only. The mini SAA is the ultimate prospecting tool because it provides people with information that is specific to their household and opens the conversation for how to experience the full benefits of the Shopping Annuity and UnFranchise Business.

  1. About

The key elements of what the Shopping Annuity is all about.  It compares a traditional annuity to a Shopping Annuity and provides an explanation of the 5 ways we are changing the economy: Digital Aggregation, Collective Buying Power, Referral Tracking System, MPCP and Shared Ownership.  At the bottom, you can download the newly designed Shopping Annuity presentation.

  1. Success

Featuring videos of successful UnFranchise Owners who have built their Shopping Annuity as well as articles of testimonials.

  1. Membership

Whether you are looking to save a little time and money or you are looking to take it to the next level and build a business, The Shopping Annuity offers multiple ways to help you achieve your financial goals. See a side by side of benefits for whether you choose to participate as a Preferred Customer, Shopping Annuity Member or Shopping Annuity Master Member.

  1. Training

Success starts with you and then grows when you build an organization.  This page provides training articles (and videos coming soon) for how to fund your shopping annuity personally as well business building to create leverage.

  1. Products

Showcases the different products that are available to grow your Shopping Annuity and educates on the hierarchy of products to switch to: Exclusive products are superior and carry the highest BV commission, followed by Partner Stores, which can provide additional products with IBV commission.

  1. Additional Pages

“FAQs” have been organized by Shopping Annuity, SHOP.COM, Acronyms and Orders for your convenience.  “Contact Us’ features important websites and phone numbers as well as a lead capture which sends prospect information to you, the UnFranchise Owner.  “For Stores and Vendors” provides information about how to become a partner store or brand provider.


Here are 5 Things You Can Do with the New and Improved



Visit your today and introduce your prospects to the Shopping Annuity to grow your UnFranchise business!

Keep Growing!

-JR Ridinger


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