March 14th, 2014

Introducing Market America’s Chief Marketing Officer: Peter Gold

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to an incredible new addition to our corporate team, Peter Gold. Peter joins us by way of Miami, FL as the Chief Marketing Officer of Market America and SHOP.COM, and is the first person to hold this position in the Company’s history. Bringing Peter on board will be like adding an all-pro quarterback to and already loaded team! I am so excited about having the opportunity to work with Peter, and I know that the impact he has will benefit all UnFranchise Owners!

Peter started his career as a corporate and corporate finance attorney in NYC with major international law firms, including President Nixon’s firm. He has substantial senior management experience in the entertainment, music and sports industries having served as the CEO of Power Station (then the top music/sound recording and production studio in the world) and the manager of, among others, John McEnroe and Shaquille O’Neal.

Peter began his career in digital media and digital marketing over 14 years ago with CBS, which is now CBS and CBS Interactive. While at CBS, Peter ran a digital media division that was the most profitable division at the company. He later was involved in taking his company private and ran it as a privately held company through the end of 2011. He then started his own senior management and marketing consulting practice – The Gold Standard – until he was hired by a major private equity firm to be its digital guru and President of one of its newly acquired portfolio companies that had strong eCommerce potential.

Peter has been in regular touch with Loren, Marc Ashley and I since last summer and joins the Company with a strong mandate from our senior management team to exploit the Company’s huge marketing potential. He had this to say about his new role with us:

“I am very excited to work with Market America, SHOP.COM, the Management Team and Staff.  Market America is one of the rare companies that has truly revolutionized the world by empowering people to do great things via its life-changing products and amazing shopping platforms.  Many companies aspire to change the world but very few succeed as the Company has.  It is a great honor for me to serve this great Company.  The opportunities that lie ahead for us are prolific; to seize them, we must have laser focus, move swiftly and continually transform – a big part of my job is to facilitate and accelerate the Company’s ability to achieve these goals.  The Company possesses a vast “House Of Brands” with best-of-breed products that have huge potential for mass appeal.  I look forward to building on the Company’s foundation together with the Management Team and Staff.”

-Peter Gold

Chief Marketing Officer

MarketAmerica | SHOP.COM

I am so excited about having the opportunity to work with Peter, and I know the impact he has will benefit all UnFranchise Owners! Welcome to the team, Peter!

Keep Growing!

-JR Ridinger

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13 Responses to Introducing Market America’s Chief Marketing Officer: Peter Gold

  1. Frank Whaley says:

    JR, this is great! Peter seems to be exactly what and MA need. Congratulations! FW

  2. Ray Mancino says:

    this guy rocks 🙂

  3. Mary Loftus says:

    UFO’s rejoice!!!!!

  4. Gary Knippel says:

    Nixon, McEnroe and Shaq in the same room is scary. Peter sounds like THE MAN. Sincerely, Gary K

  5. Marvin Krauttheimer says:

    Great/cool, glad to have Peter on board!!!!

  6. Gisele says:

    I remember this guy from TV shows with Johnny Mac and Shaq. This is great news for us UNFranchise Owners, thank you JR!!! He’s really cute too, hope he’s single. Xoxo

  7. Samantha Roxbury says:

    JR, this is great news. We are very excited about the great things this means for all of us. With Peter’s background we can conquer the world and the internet. This is great. He’s really hot too. Love, Samantha

  8. Robin Rubio says:

    Yeah baby this is just unbelievable news. Market America is going to soar to new heights now. Thank you JR for keeping the dream alive and growing. You just made my weekend !!

  9. Valerie says:

    I know Peter, he was always in New York hangin out with Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, and the Rolling Stones. I’ve seen him hangin with Pitbull in Miami too. He’s a legend in the music business. So many of the best bands ever have worked with him. He will be great for Conquer and Market America. Thank you JR and Loren! ! Hope you guys have a great weekend, you just made mine, Val

  10. Bill McGuire says:

    Very exciting news J R. It looks like Peter may have as much money as you, lol. Seriously this is great news for Market Anerica, looks like we are finally heading to the future.

  11. Jack Soo says:

    Very great news JR. I tink Peter is the one that brought John Mc Enroe to Japan. We very excited for this know it will be great for us

  12. Sheila Barton says:

    Awesome news !

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