November 15th, 2011

Inspiring the Next Wave of Entrepreneurs

The University of Miami is leading the parade in entrepreneurial enrichment and education with The Launch Pad – part of the Toppel Career Center. The Launch Pad helps turn innovative ideas into enterprises – and in the process helps their students prepare for entrepreneurism rather than a job.  Nurturing innovative ideas and helping support the entrepreneurial spirit of students and alumni is becoming a priority for universities across the nation – a trend I find both encouraging and interesting.


Entrepreneurism is a challenging yet uniquely rewarding lifestyle, but even if someone from the program has to take a regular job, they are still being provided the tools and skills that will enable them to climb the corporate ladder. Within any enterprise lies the spirit of entrepreneurism, so those who think like an entrepreneur will still rise to the top. Entrepreneurism is in the DNA of any business, and is what causes them to compete, grow, and thrive.


Even in a stressed economy such as this, where old paradigms are faltering, entrepreneurism still thrives and provides a limitless frontier of opportunity. Entrepreneurism is the future. It’s refreshing to see that schools like the University of Miami recognize this fact, and have turned entrepreneurism into a platform for higher education.


Last night Loren had the opportunity to speak at The Launch Pad, and wowed the audience for the second year in a row. She spoke with passion and sincerity, and captivated the hearts and minds of faculty and students alike. While Loren’s presentation was centered on fashion-branding, it also focused on being an entrepreneur. Her words inspired and stimulated eager minds, and to be honest I’ve never seen such energy and excitement in an academic setting.


As I sat and listened, I felt a great sense of pride observing Loren as an inspirational role model. She inspires me on a daily basis, and it was nice to see her share that gift with others. Loren’s experiences have molded her into a marketing genius and a trailblazing entrepreneur, and it was incredible to watch her inspire the next wave of innovators and entrepreneurs.


It was interesting to witness the synergy between Market America and The Launch Pad, as our strategic plan is also focused on reaching out to generation Y and young, technologically-enabled students with an entrepreneurial inclination. We are planning a college campus tour to discuss entrepreneurism – using MA as a case study to show people how you can excel as an entrepreneur, and apply these principles to any business they pursue.


The fact that higher education is supporting entrepreneurial programs like The Launch Pad is a very refreshing sight. Focusing on helping to nurture entrepreneurial enterprise brings new relevancy and excitement to education.

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