Incredible New Enhancements to Sign Up Registration Wizard

We’ve got an exciting announcement to share with you regarding some incredible new enhancements we’ve made to the Sign Up Registration Wizard in your UnFranchise Business Account. We are always working on ways to improve the functionality of this site to help you more effective manage and grow your business – and we feel these new enhancements will really help you take your business to the next level.

We’ve made some great strides in our global unification efforts, and now with these updates you’ll be able to sponsor someone from any country, regardless if you are global there or not! Please take a moment to read Marc Ashley’s message below, which explains more about these great enhancements.

You can also use this very informative PDF to find out everything you need to know about the updates we’ve made to the Sign Up Registration Wizard. Spread the word and share this great news with your team – so you can maximize the incredible power of your UnFranchise Business! Stay Tuned! More to Come!

Keep Growing!

-JR Ridinger


Here’s Marc Ashley’s amazing message:


I am excited to announce this week we launched incredible new enhancements to the Sign Up Wizard (Registration) process in all countries. This continues our focus and on standardizing and streamlining the business for UFO’s. Some of the new features that went live this week include:

  1. We’ve completely updated the sign up wizard process for all countries now to use the same process for all countries so everyone can be familiar with the same process.
  2. You can now sponsor someone in any country regardless if you are global there or not, which is one of the first steps towards the unification efforts.
  3. The signup wizard for all countries now supports the ability to sponsor both an UnFranchise owner and a sales rep directly into EMP countries instead of the sponsor having to use the Partner Now process (which didn’t support sales reps).
  4. New and improved shopping/sign up experience.
  5. Faster and simpler process.
  6. Every piece of the SUW was completely and thoroughly analyzed to make it simpler for all UFO’s.

To see all the new features/enhancements of the Sign Up Wizard please open the attachment. It walks you thru it step by step.

Marc Ashley

Chief Operating Officer

Market America Inc.