September 24th, 2019

In the Trenches: A Renaissance of UnFranchise Growth with Elizabeth Weber and Don Martin

It’s amazing what is going on as the business in the field and in the trenches. It’d like a rebirth or renaissance and new wave of momentum and growth. We see it everywhere we work and especially with the 90 Day Fast track to become a Hopeless Success sessions and accountability- coaching for 3 months at a time afterwards. As most of you know Elizabeth has joined me with the ‘All In’ group and she has a new flock of geese flying in formation and is on the way to setting a new pace and hitting the next level. 

It’s wonderful and inspiring to see UnFranchise Owners who’ve been in for a while recommitting and having fun qualifying people, using the evaluation approach with 100 possibilities – calling just 2 per week to see if they know the right people which leads to the no decision close and trial run. There are so many people with patterns going again! 

We also did a second one session with Don & Lisa Martin in Greenwich, CT as they are climbing for the next pin level and red hot and rolling! As you can see in the pictures, he has some people who were hibernating who have woken up and come back to have fun and do it the right way with us! We had a great time and they are great people who will make it to 6 figures residual income this time around! Just read what Elizabeth Weber has to say about all the growth and excitement:

Message from Elizabeth Weber:


This is a pic from my second moving up seminar I ever attended with you And Buckman. It was 2003. 2 of my favorite guys who were at the special session last Tuesday Ray Yedman & Bob Reinhardt. Just met with both of them and starting the pattern all over again. HBP scheduled for Rays next week and Bob and I starting scheduling 2 on 1s and all on it ready to do this with us one more time big. Thought you would like to see this. 

Bob and Ray, how great is this!

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