January 25th, 2019

Improved Invalid BV and IBV Placement Policy

Team, I wanted to be sure you saw this recent UnFranchise News announcement because it directly relates to your business and helps prevent volume from unnecessarily being placed into your BDC-001…

Market America has modified the system to help prevent volume from unnecessarily being placed into your BDC-001. Previously, any invalid preset volume placement (PC Manual Placement, WebCenter BV Placement, and UnFranchise® AutoShip Excess BV/IBV Placement) would cause the volume to default to your BDC-001. The BV and IBV Placement policy has been updated so that in the event one of your preset volume placements is invalid, the system will place the volume according to your Autoplacement settings as long as they are valid. If those Autoplacement settings are also invalid, then the volume will default to your BDC-001.

Please refer to the current BV and IBV Placement criteria:

  • UnFranchise Owners (UFOs) can place volume in all of their own personal Business Development Centers (BDCs)
  • UFOs can designate one eligible UFO (other than yourself) in their organization to place BV and IBV. To be considered eligible they must meet all placement criteria:
  • Personally sponsored
  • Qualified
  • BV/IBV Placement can only be into original BDCs (001, 002 and 003)
  • AutoShip status N, T or W
  • Have met the BV Monthly Accrual Option (UFMS and 50, 100 or 150 BV based on UnFranchise Level) in the month prior, with themselves as the paying ID, or be in their first quarter
  • For those operating in multiple regions, you can designate one Placement ID per region

All volume can be placed in any of your own BDCs, or into the original BDCs (001, 002 or 003) of your Designated Placement ID. When you update your Designated Placement ID, please be sure to also check your BV and IBV Autoplacement settings (now on the same page as Designated Placement designation: My Account > BV/IBV Management > BV/IBV Placement), UnFranchise AutoShip Excess BV and IBV Placements, WebCenter BV Placement, and PC Manual Placement.

To further simplify things and to prevent volume from unnecessarily going into your BDC-001, we will also be removing the manual placement options from the PC Management area. All Preferred Customer orders will follow your Autoplacement settings.

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