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December 1st, 2011

Important Videos for Any UFO

As an entrepreneur, you need every possible advantage in the business world. Utilizing all the tools at your disposal is critical to your success, no matter what field you are in. As a Market America UnFranchise owner, you’ve got some incredible tools at your fingertips. Among them are these powerful videos, which highlight the amazing features we’ve developed as well as the benefits using of Market America and SHOP.COM to do your online shopping.


You can find these videos on the Market America YouTube channel, as well through your portals in the Social Media Toolbox. Each one of you should not only be familiar with these videos, but also sharing them regularly on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Building brand awareness is a vital part of growing your business, and these videos are invaluable in that regard.


Climbing the Stairs of Success requires the completion of results-producing activities, and sharing these videos on social networks is a great way to help build your business. Simple activities like this can mean the difference in reaching that next pin level – so what are you waiting for? Get in the game and start sharing these videos today!



SHOP.COM Gives Holiday Peace of Mind (Consultant)


SHOP.COM Gives Holiday Peace of Mind (Customer)


SHOP.COM (Customer Overview)


SHOP.COM (Shop Consultant Overview)


ma Mobile: Bar Code Scanner


ma Mobile: Custom Deal Notifications


Market America: Live the Dream




Simply MA Cashback


Shop, Save, and Earn Cashback at SHOP.COM


Shop, Save, and Earn Cashback at


Live the Lifestyle with Motives Cash Back Program – Overview



How To: Installing the ma Network Facebook Application Cash Back Program vs. The Competition Cash Back Program – Hot Deals

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