April 11th, 2019

Important Message About Updating AutoShip

Please update your UnFranchise AutoShip before the next time your AutoShip is processed to ensure that it no longer includes any Market America exclusive products with IBV as these items will no longer ship as they are no longer available with IBV. You can simply check your ‘UnFranchise AutoShip’ form online or your ‘Qualification Report’ in the UFMS reports to confirm when your UnFranchise AutoShip will be processed next time.

You can replace the Market America exclusive IBV products with the same products and their BV codes to continue to receive the products that you use on a regular basis. Select any of our Shopping Annuity brand products which are now available with IBV, Super IBV products, and our OneCart partner stores to meet the IBV Monthly Accrual Option!

If there are Market America exclusive products with IBV still in your UnFranchise AutoShip when your next UnFranchise AutoShip is processed, you will be issued a voucher for these items so that you will still get the IBV credit necessary to exercise the IBV Monthly Accrual Option (prevent a Red Flush). To use a voucher, you will need to place an order in your UnFranchise.com for at least that same dollar value and IBV amount. Your vouchers will appear as a payment option during checkout. 

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