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May 1st, 2012

Important Info about the Bonus IBV Injection

The IBV momentum is really building! Advertising dollars are rising, and IBV is gradually increasing on products – but more importantly the IBV accumulating up the lines is increasing. That means more people are hitting their checks each quarter! The eight pumps are primed and people who meet the requirements are seeing the results!

Make sure you and your team are on board with this – THIS IS HUGE! Here’s the scoop!



The Bonus IBV Injection Starts the Week of May 14, 2012



Market America’s MPCP (Management Performance Compensation Plan) — the most lucrative and realistic compensation plan ever created — just got even better with the Advertising Bonus Pool, which has created an IBV economic stimulus.



We recently completed another quarter (January 1 — March 31) of the Advertising Bonus Pool program. Consistent with the stimulus from the IBV injection into the economy of this business for the previous quarters, we are expecting the same impact when the bonus IBV is assigned for this quarter.



Shop Consultants who satisfied the necessary criteria to participate in the Advertising Bonus Pool are already seeing this program do great things for their business on the IBV side of the MPCP. How would you like to be rewarded with an IBV bonus for simply doing the same things you should already be doing to build your UnFranchise® business? Imagine being notified that you have been rewarded with bonus IBV to place within your organization!



As our online traffic and loyal customer-base grows, Market America is becoming more and more attractive for advertisers, creating an ever-growing stream of online ad revenue. This revenue (generated from AdSense and paid banners on the Web Portal and other Market America websites) is being accumulated in the aforementioned Advertising Bonus Pool, which is being awarded to you and your organization in the form of bonus IBV so that you and others in your organization can earn bigger and more frequent IBV commissions. As we anticipated with this bonus IBV injection Market America will have placed over 2 million IBV for first year of the Advertising Bonus Pool program!



Starting the week of May 14, Market America will inject 591,835 (the highest total to date) Bonus IBV into this economy.

The assignment of 591,835 IBV for the quarter (January 1 — March 31) will stimulate more IBV commissions being earned, with many more close to being earned!

The Bonus IBV will be assigned as an equal share to everyone who satisfied the criteria. Recipients have the ability to place the IBV where they want in their organizations based upon the current IBV placement regulations (we encourage you to place the IBV in BDCs that are also meeting these requirements as an extra incentive).



At 2887 qualifiers that’s 205 IBV each or 51.25 IBV per week. This will be an economic stimulus for the most lucrative compensation plan ever created, the MPCP.



Starting the week of May 14, those individuals who qualified for the Advertising Bonus Pool will be assigned a total of 214 IBV over a four-week period. A weekly email will be sent to each of the qualifiers for four consecutive weeks starting the week of May 14, enabling each qualifier to place 51.25 IBV within their organization.



The real winners are the UnFranchise® Owners who duplicated their efforts, satisfying the criteria within their organization!

Click here to download the IBV bonus pool qualifiers.



Don’t miss out this quarter! Now is the time to learn how to position yourself to earn bonus IBV.

Here is how it works:

  • For the three Q-date periods starting Apr. 1 and ending Jun. 30, by simply satisfying the following criteria, you will qualify to be a part of the Advertising Bonus Pool.
  • Complete the Getting Starting Wizard
  • Order 10, 20 or 30 IBV each month by your Q-date (based on your IBV commission earnings)
  • Make $50 in personal purchases from Partner Stores by your monthly Q-date
  • Generate 50 BV in sales from your Web Portal and/or PC Autoship by your monthly Q-date from Preferred Customers
  • Have at least one new customer (the new customer cannot be an existing PC) order a Market America-branded product from your Web Portal during the Advertising Bonus Pool period*

In order to verify that you have satisfied the IBV requirements, simply refer to the new “Advertising Bonus Pool Report” on your UnFranchise™ Business Account.

Please click here for details of the Advertising Bonus Pool Report.

We will be tracking those who qualify for the Advertising Bonus Pool from Apr. 1 to Jun. 30. Everyone who satisfies the monthly IBV requirements for each of the three months as well as having at least one new customer (the new customer cannot be an existing PC) order a Market America-branded product from your Web Portal will receive an equal share from the Advertising Bonus Pool. From that point, you will be able to place the IBV where you want in your organization based upon current IBV placement regulations. It is encouraged to place the IBV in BDCs that are also meeting these requirements as an extra incentive. From the time that the bonus IBV is assigned to you, you will have four weekly pay cycles to place the IBV within your organization.



New Requirement for Bonus IBV Accrual

In order to be qualified to accrue Bonus IBV from the Advertising Bonus Pool awarded for assignment within your line of sponsorship (i.e., Distributors occupying placement above or below you within the organization); you must have satisfied the Advertising Bonus Pool criteria for the respective quarter.

EXAMPLE: For the Advertising Bonus Pool Quarter beginning Apr. 1 — Jun. 30, 2012, you must have satisfied the ABP requirements and been awarded Bonus IBV to assign IN ORDER to accrue Bonus IBV that was awarded and assigned to BDCs below you from that Advertising Bonus Pool Quarter (Apr-Jun). All non-Bonus IBV will accrue as normal.

JR’s comment: “I love this because only leaders that meet the requirements and do it themselves (leading by example) get to benefit from the people in their group that do it and accrue the IBV from all the people in their organization who meet it. That is the way it should be. Carry your own weight and lead by example. This is now another stream of revenue and IBV helping many people hit IBV checks and making others closer so they want to do more!!”


Participating countries: United States, Canada, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Australia. Currency conversions: $50 USD; 49.76 CAD; 48.66 AUD; 1,475.00 TWD; 388.30 HKD

*The initial order of a PC who is assigned to you through Market America lead generation program will not count toward the criteria to qualify for the Advertising Bonus Pool. The second order of a PC who is assigned to you through the lead-generation program will count toward the criteria.

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