October 4th, 2019

Hurdlr: A Powerful Resource for UnFranchise Owners

Hurdlr is without question one of the most powerful programs ever created for small business owners because it makes tracking business expenses as simple and easy as possible. This program can have a tremendous impact on your overall success and is almost a no-brainer for UnFranchise Owners to utilize this and capitalize on the features this powerful program offers.

To help shed more light on this amazing program and the dynamic impact it can have for UnFranchise Owners, take a moment to read this special message below from Market America Executive Vice President Dennis Franks. He offers some valuable insights and perspectives about the Hurdlr program as seen from the UFO point of view, and it can help you understand the kind of impact it can make for you.

Dennis is an insightful leader and his comments about utilizing Hurdlr are spot-on! Take a moment to read this and share it with your team to help spread the word about this powerful resource for UnFranchise Owners! 

Keep Growing!

-JR Ridinger  

Special Message from Dennis Franks about Hurdlr:

Hurdlr a tax tool and Shopping Annuity counting tool based on purchases. Deductr was good, but this is better and really a time-saver once the UFO implements the tool. Like anything, for it to work you have to find the time to learn it and stick to it and before you know it an UnFranchise owner is maximizing their tax advantages and tracking Shopping Annuity dollars.

This type of tool is really something special. A sponsor would introduce it to a new UFO that asks ‘what is the best way to pay sales tax and to track business expenses for taxes?’.  It’s also another benefit you get on the UFMS, and is one more thing we offer for a new business owner.

The biggest challenge today is: What does an UnFranchise owner need to know to maximize their excitement when they come into the business? I would think how to earn retail profits, (Base Ten) earn commissions, (the things you teach on the U4 team) and to maintain activity as an UnFranchise Owner. The absolutes! How not to lose money. And would also include the getting started guide.

What is the next most important policy to learn and activities that have to be implemented to keep your business within the lines of administration? This can be like rules for internet marketing. What does it mean and what are the do’s and don’ts? What are your websites advantages on selling and serving your customers online and net profits when selling online? (Review the Global.shop.com and how this works)

Next could be the importance of buying and selling tickets and how to maximize and use the GMTSS. Could be reviewing the retail policy etc. etc., could be how much IBV you can order of SA brands & Super IBV to meet your SAMM. Next level could be how to become a Master UnFranchise Owner or begin the explanation of building internationally using an IRC or building in Asia if you live in the USA. 

Dennis Franks

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