March 21st, 2019

How to Customize Your Business Center on

Market America | SHOP.COM recently launched a responsive home page featuring a powerful Business Center. Your home page displays your business at a glance, with a carousel of important widgets at the top. You now have the ability to choose which widgets appear in your business center and even dictate the order in which they appear. By customizing your Business Center, you can ensure that the items you want to see are displayed when you log in.

Customize your Business Center by logging in to and clicking on the “gear” icon. The Widgets Configuration tool will pop up and allow you to customize your experience.

Simply drag and drop the widgets in the “Active” column in the order you wish them to display. To remove widgets you would not like to include in your Business Center, select the “minus” icon. When you remove a widget, it will be moved to the “Inactive” column. You can click on the “plus” icon to add it back to the Active list. 

 Widgets include*:

  • Welcome: Recently earned commissions and most recent orders (click on the “gear” icon within the widget to select if you would like your most recent commission to be displayed)
  • Alerts: Personal and organizational alerts 
  • BV Volume: Your Business Volume for your 001 and other banks you have configured
  • IBV Volume: Your Internet Business Volume for your 001 and other banks you have configured
  • UnFranchise® News: The most recent news announcements
  • Events: Upcoming “Annual Spending Events” that you entered into your Shopping Annuity® Assessment
  • Buy Again: Your most recent orders and a link to order history
  • Open Orders: Orders placed from customers which need to be filled (will only show for UnFranchise Owners with iTransact; U.S. only)
  • BV/IBV Placement: Your current BV/IBV designated placement. If you have not yet designated a placement, you can select your placement here.
  • SAMM: Shopping Annuity Master Member progress for the current quarter
  • Quick Order Entry: Enter product code and quantity to add to cart
  • Purge Warning: Upcoming purges (click “View Full Report” to see all)
  • Calendar: Important dates such as AutoShip date and monthly accrual
  • Most Visited Pages: Select your top six visited pages (favorites)
  • Tax Savings: Average Monthly Savings and YTD Savings with Deductr
  • Spending/Savings: Your potential spending and savings with the Shopping Annuity

Increase your efficiency and productivity by configuring your dashboard to display the widgets that are important to you, today. Log in to customize your experience. 

*Some widgets are subject to UFMS Subscription.

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