June 13th, 2018

How Long Have You Been Open for Business?

The 2-3 year plan is a truly dynamic and powerful opportunity – but many UnFranchise Owners seem to believe the clock on the 2-3 year plan automatically starts moving once they join the business. The truth is your clock doesn’t move unless you’re accomplishing result-producing activities.

I often ask UnFranchise Owners; “How long have you been open for business? (How many days, weeks, years)?” The proverbial questions about the business that I have heard for 26 years sound like this:

  • How many people or what percentage of the people who “get in” or join succeed?
  • How much money does the average person make?
  • How long have you been in and what are you making?

The paradox is that these are all trick questions that really don’t reveal anything and the answers to which are most often misrepresentations anyway. Have you ever heard these questions, asked them yourself, or been asked them by a prospect?

A more relevant question that I often hear is: “What is the key to success?” In other words, what does it take to succeed or what do people who make significant money do? That is in fact a great question where the others are circular questions that are really meaningless. The answer to the question of “what is the difference between a person who succeeds and the person who does not?” (earn a significant residual income) is quite simple. The individual who succeeded simply did what the individual who did not succeed (failed) did not do! Period.

Of course, success and failure are relative terms too and are defined in the eyes of the individual beholder and has to be qualified and quantified to be meaningful. In this case I consider someone who completes the 2 to 3-year plan and develops a significant residual income to be successful. (Of course, to some people just a retail profit of a few hundred dollars is success, while to others, making an extra $300 to $1500 per month in reliable residual income is amazing success and makes a big difference in their life.)

So, if you want to leverage the answer above on ‘the difference between success and failure’ or make it translatable into succeeding; you have to drill down a bit more. There is a definable and measurable common golden thread that runs through almost all people that succeed in the business. Technically we can establish that it comes down to mastery and duplication of the Basic 5, but even that is too broad and has a spectrum of colors and degrees.

To start with, you cannot expect to make money or succeed just by “signing up” or “registering, or “getting in” (signing the application). You must have a business that is OPEN and actually doing business. If one signs up or “joins” and doesn’t open the doors of their business by doing some fundamental things for then they really aren’t in the business or have an ‘open business’. Does that make sense to you? If you buy a store and it’s never open and you never go into work – do you have a business or are you doing business?

The UnFranchise business is intangible and a powerful concept backed by technology, products, and a proven system one has to follow in order for their business to be ‘open.’ You do not go in and punch a time clock. You do not have a store, shop or a small factory and sit there waiting for people to come in and buy! If you’re business isn’t open do you really have a business? Does that make sense? It really is amazing and an advantage with the UnFranchise, because you carry the business in your head which can easily make 6 figures per year (proven by what many have done) and you didn’t have to invest $20,000 to $100,000 or often upwards of a million dollars to acquire it.

The average business that yields a six-figure profit analogous to the UnFranchise or 2 to 3 year plan statistically, as a rule of thumb, costs around 6 times the net, so $500K in this case. Maybe that is part of the problem, one doesn’t have to invest money, but you have to invest time in doing specific tasks or result-producing activities – otherwise you’re not really open for business. In a franchise or any brick and mortar business one must invest, cover overhead costs, and put in time or WORK! Do you agree with that? So why would it be different here? Here we invest time and must do specific tasks, the minimum of which are included in the Master UnFranchise Owner tasks.

So, the focus here is on what does it take to be OPEN for business or even really have a business? Signing up and paying for a subscription certainly doesn’t constitute being in business, open for business, or having a business. Therefore, the focus here is on actually what measurement or actions determine if someone is really open for business or even doing the business. YOU WANT TO BE OPEN FOR BUSINESS AND TO MAKE SURE YOU DUPLICATE THAT WITH THOSE YOU SPONSOR AND EACH UFO ON YOUR TEAM!

This is exactly what the Master UnFranchise Owner Program is about and measures or determines. It’s not how long you have been in or if you ‘signed up’. It is about when and how long you have been a Master UnFranchise Owner and open for business or actively doing the business. It isn’t about how many people you’ve signed up, it’s about how many Master UnFranchise owners you have doing the business that determines growth and success. That’s what it’s all about!

The criteria or requirements of the Master UnFranchise Owner Program measure the minimum activity requirements one must do in order to even be open for business and have an open UnFranchise business. They are really minimum activities that keep the business open and growing. If one is not even doing these things, they really are not showing up for work and building the business – so in essence they are not open for business. I hope this makes sense to you because it is the key to being successful with the UnFranchise business. It’s the minimum activity that needs to be accomplished for the business to grow. The beautiful thing is that these are things that anyone can easily do.

Remember, the difference between success and failure is simply that the individual who succeeds does what the individual who ‘fails” or doesn’t succeed does NOT do. The steps or result-producing activities of the Master UnFranchise Owner Program are the things that must be done to be open and succeed.

This is why one needs to be careful regarding how you measure your time involved in the business. The clock doesn’t just automatically start when you register your business. The 2 to 3 year plan is like a stop watch. It doesn’t start timing you until you are a Master UnFranchise owner because until then you haven’t really done anything to open the business until those simple steps are taken and continued on an ongoing basis. Similarly, when you don’t show up for work or do these things, the clock doesn’t continue running. You stopped, so it stops. The 2 to 3 year plan means opening the business and doing it for 2 to 3 years. Be careful what you say as you may be degrading and being unfair to yourself and programing failure by saying you have been in for longer than you have really opened the business and showed up for work or have been doing the business as a Master UnFranchise owner.

Some people “sign up” or register, never become a Master UnFranchise owner to open the business, then 2 years pass and they say they’ve been doing the business for 2 years. Obviously, they have not made money or grown their business because they are not really open and it makes them look bad. It also creates the wrong impression about the business and is unfair to everyone when you misrepresent the facts. “Signing up” or registering is like registering for a course or school. Unless you show up for class and do the assignments you are really not in school or the course, will not graduate, or get credit for the course. It’s like joining a gym with the intentions of getting in shape, but if you never actually show up or work out you really are not in the program. You can try out for a sport and join the team, but unless you go to practice and play in the games, you really are not on the team.

Someone can go to college but never graduate or use their education. One can go to law school, graduate, but never take the bar exam, and never practice law by joining a firm or opening a practice for themselves. They were trained to be a lawyer and may have even earned a law degree but they are not a lawyer if they never practice law. One can join the business by registering and go to some seminars or training sessions but they are not really in the business or doing the business until they at least do the things necessary to become a Master UnFranchise Owner and are actually OPEN for business.

So, stop being unfair to yourself if this is the case and forgive yourself. You can begin and start any time you want and are ready. But you are being dishonest with yourself and degrading the business when you say you have been in the business for however many months or years when you never really opened or actually showed up for work or did the business on a daily basis. The same is true for your people. It’s a good exercise to evaluate this and assess how long you’ve really been involved or open for business. It makes a big difference and is the truth and forgives you for the time you didn’t work the business. I would really appreciate it if you would all do this so the truth is known and you look better in the process!

Become a Master UnFranchise Owner and get your people to do the same. I often call this “turning back the 2 to 3 year plan clock to where it really is!” How long have you really been open and actually done the Basic 5 or result-producing activities on a daily and weekly basis? You will feel better about yourself and when you become a Master UnFranchise and stay open for a year you will be making money and will look like a star in the business!

Becoming a Master UnFranchise Owner and duplicating it with your people and team is the key to success in the business and what results in making money and succeeding! It should be the 1st goal when someone starts in the business. It incorporates the daily, weekly, and monthly result-producing activities that are demonstrated in “climbing the stairs to success” that we have done repeatedly at conventions and World Conferences.

Another thing that confuses people and aggravates me is when the question is frequently asked: “What does the average person or UFO make in the business?” That’s a really loaded question. If you were to take the total number of people who signed up and divided it into income or residual income and retail profit it would be a misrepresentation and misleading, as many people sign up and do not open the business or do the things that foster UnFranchise success. They may even sign up to get products at wholesale and in that case, they are really only a Preferred Customer.

Let me ask you a question: Why would someone ask about that? Would you agree they are in essence asking, ‘if I do this and put the time and effort into it what is the probability of making the type of money that can potentially be made from the MPCP and plans be shown in a UBP?’ If that be the case we have to answer based on the people who opened their business and did the minimum result producing activities to become a Master UnFranchise Owner. When we base it off that we are getting a valid and more accurate answer and it’s over four times greater than someone who just signs up.

The conclusion is simply that one has to open their business and do the business in order for it to work and to produce a significant income. I have often demonstrated or explained how the UnFranchise business is like a liquid with unlimited supply and potential, which takes on the form of the person (UFO) doing it. It becomes what they think, believe and do. In the same way water conforms to the container which holds it, this business conforms to the person doing it. It can become a tea cup, a leaking jar, a 55-gallon drum, a water tower, or a huge reservoir. The form of the business is simply determined by what each individual sees in it and decides to do with it. You are the vessel or container into which the business flows. It becomes what you think and do. That is why if one is going to do it they need to become a Master UnFranchise Owner from the beginning.

Make it happen. Become a Master UnFranchise Owner and duplicate it in your organization with every new UnFranchise Owner!

Keep Growing!
-JR Ridinger



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