August 19th, 2010

How do you convince others to use social media?

Why are some people and companies way behind the curve on social media while others are way ahead of it? Simply stated, whoever is not using social media is clearly being left behind.  Our new generation is made up of innovators, early adopters who are quick to respond and promote to their peers.  You are now being faced with the difficulty of selling a technology or the digital era to many who are still stuck in their old school ways.  This is not an easy task and by displaying passion and enthusiasm alone is not enough to convince them. So what do you have to do to convince your staff, prospects, marketing team or friends that social media is here to stay and they must use it?

If your co-workers, staff, or prospects do not see the value of utilizing social media why not sell it to your friends and family first? They will be the ones to promote you and support you, when it comes to anything and everything.  You may not see it now, but social media will envelop every part of your organization sooner or later. Keeping all this in mind, there is no single way of convincing co-workers, executives or your team to use social media, I prefer an approach that is more organic and concentrates on painting a visual picture for others and anyone can see the potential benefits for you and your business.

1. Competitors use social media:  Pick 5 – 10 of your competitors and see what they are doing.

  • Do they have a blog? (what are they blogging about)
  • Do they have a facebook page? How are they promoting their products?
  • Do they have a Twitter profile? what and to who are they tweeting to?
  • Do they have a youtube channel?
  • Who are they targeting, what cities and market

start to gather data, follow their friends on Twitter, check out their fans, if they have a blog compare the number of visitors to your by using  Figure out what you are doing wrong, what you are missing and what they are doing to promote and sell to their demographic.

2. Social Network by Targeted Demographic:

You have to be where your market is? Where do they hang out? Where do they tweet and to whom?  I can’t imagine anyone not using social media in their marketing campaigns, recruiting process, relationship building. Social networking is an integral part of your marketing strategy for 2010.  If you don’t know where to look for data or information google, ask your friends, research on sites like techcrunch, chris brogan there is so much information out there for you.

3. Use Case Studies and Data :

Sometimes people need to see data and facts first.  Share success stories, show them videos there’s tons of them on youtube. Have you ever seen the social media revolution video, the Youtube anniversary video?  Research visuals are very important and useful when trying to engage someone’s attention.  Show them financial numbers and competitor’s pages show them how successful they are by using these techniques.

4. Do you understand your customer?

Who is your customer and what are you doing to keep them coming back?  Monitor conversations that are happening daily are you interacting with them? Ask them questions see what they are looking for and try to solve their problem.

5. Conference & Seminars:

Part of buying into social media, is having an expert explain it, get someone who practices it and are considered experts.  There are plenty of conferences online and your region that you and your team can attend.  Try to research and make sure you attend.

Making sure you implement some of these suggestions in your every day routine will get your team members motivated and on their way to social media experts.

~Keep growing


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