December 30th, 2017

Hopes, Dreams, and Goals for 2018

With the New Year comes the perfect opportunity to reflect on the past year while also formulating your goals and plans for the coming year. Having stated goals is crucial for anyone, and when you verbalize it and share it with the people in your life you’re only adding reinforcement and some positive motivation to help ensure you follow through and make it happen. Expressing your goals helps make them more tangible, and in a sense just setting a goal means you’re halfway there.

Our goals for 2018 are very simple. We want to fill an arena with Directors and help share the UnFranchise and the Shopping Annuity with as many new people as possible. We want each and every UnFranchise Owner to take our new Shopping Annuity Assessment, and more importantly we want to see people discover new opportunities to convert their spending into earning. We want to see more UnFranchise Owners contribute original content and product reviews on because your thoughts and opinions on our products carry so much weight and relevance – and can play an important role in helping new UnFranchise Owners learn about our products. We want to see more cross-pollination and more UnFranchise Owners tapping into the global power and potential of their business by expanding and engaging like never before.

All of these goals and initiatives for 2018 start with that core belief in yourself, and belief in the power of the UnFranchise. We believe in you – and together we can make it happen in 2018!

Keep Growing!

-JR Ridinger

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