December 16th, 2019

Historic GMTSS Summit in Miami with UFO Leaders

This past weekend’s GMTSS Summit in Miami was a monumental meeting and huge success which changed the direction of the tide! I’m especially impressed with the new wave of UnFranchise Leaders like Colton Whited and Dritan Hodo who are taking it upon themselves to help lead the parade and light the path for other young entrepreneurs to follow.

A special thanks to the Whiteds, Elizabeth Weber, and Phil Guido for helping make this such an empowering and important event. Loren and I were absolutely honored to have the opportunity to work with those in attendance to help foster a deeper understanding of the importance of the GMTSS and the vital role it plays in our success. Thanks to all who attended for taking time out of your busy lives, especially during the holidays, to take part in this crucial training.

These types of events are great for teambuilding and morale too, and I’m thrilled at the momentum we’ve established as we build towards 2020. I’ve included below some great pictures from this weekend’s GMTSS Summit – a special thanks to everyone who helped make this such an impactful learning opportunity. 

Keep Growing!
-JR Ridinger 

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