January 1st, 2017

Happy New Year – 2017

Happy New Year to all my friends and family! I hope everyone had a safe and fun night celebrating as we welcome the new year, and with it all the new opportunities to cherish and challenges to conquer. New Year’s always reminds me of the fact that our DASH is constantly in motion and inevitably moving forward. The amount of time we have may be out of our control, but what we do with that time is completely up to us. Keep that in mind as we celebrate the New Year.

Our DASH may be a mere blip on the grand timescale of the universe, but when we treasure our experiences and make the most of our time together it is then that we truly live. With the New Year comes new chances for growth, and I hope you recognize and appreciate these opportunities when you encounter them.

For UnFranchise Owners, the first big opportunity comes with World Conference in Miami – just a few short weeks away. It should be your primary goal in the coming weeks to ensure that your team starts 2017 on the right path by attending MAWC2017. Getting your people here is the highest and best use of your time, and is the only shortcut to success. If you have your ticket make your resolution to help get someone else there with you. It will do more for your business than anything else you do all year!

This will be the greatest World Conference in our company’s history, and 2017 will be our biggest and best year yet! I hope everyone experiences the prosperity and success you so richly deserve in 2017! Happy New Year!

Keep Growing!
-JR Ridinger




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