April 11th, 2020

Happy Easter 2020

I’d like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a safe, healthy, and Happy Easter! With the state of the world today and concepts like social distancing changing the way society interacts, holidays like this take on an almost surreal quality. But for me, it’s just another aspect of life which makes me feel truly blessed and thankful to be with the people I love so much.

While this Easter may be unlike any other we’ve ever experienced, I think it’s the perfect time to celebrate life and the connections we have with other people. If anything, I think we’ve all formed a newfound appreciation for human contact and interaction, and I hope that even though we may by physically distancing – we still appreciate the Easter holiday and with it the opportunity to celebrate the connections which make us human.

The sacrifices we make ultimately draw us closer together, and I think that concept is even more profound during these strange times. Though we may be social distancing, I hope everyone has the opportunity to connect with loved ones this Easter and remind one another that while we may be physically separated, we are all spiritually connected. With love and appreciation, Happy Easter!  


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