Going Global: Our Partnership with VoyageOne Has Already Yielded Tremendous Results in China

As many of you will recall from Marc Ashley’s speech at International Convention, our emergence in the Chinese market represents a tremendous opportunity for our company and for UnFranchise Owners. It’s a truly symbiotic relationship because China has an incredibly robust and booming economy which UnFranchise Owners can now tap into, while at the same time Chinese consumers now have access to our world-class product lines. Talk about a win-win scenario!

As a global retailer we’re thrilled about entering the Chinese market, and with the help of VoyageOne we’ve been able to do exactly that! We’ve not only entered the Chinese market; we’ve made a huge impact in the brief time we’ve been there. When you consider the business we generated on Singles’ Day alone – it nearly outpaced our yearly totals for sales on both Amazon and eBay – combined. Think about that for a moment. One day of sales in China almost beat our combined yearly totals from Amazon and eBay. That’s simply incredible, especially when you consider we’ve only been in the market for a few months and are still getting established there. Just imagine what will happen when more and more Chinese consumers learn about our incredible products! 

Our success in China is a powerful illustration of what happens when you combine marketing expertise with a booming market & premiere product lines that are in-demand on a global scale. It also helps that Singles’ Day is the largest day in retail, so having the ability to leverage this in China has been a major windfall for our company. As Marc Ashley put it:

“With VoyageOne’s expertise in entering China’s ecommerce market, to say we are pleased with the initial results would be an understatement. We have great business partnerships with both Amazon and eBay, which we plan to continue. To give you an idea of what’s happening in China, after just one day’s worth of sales on Singles’ Day (11/11), we saw almost as much revenue as our combined year-to-date sales on both Amazon and eBay. Working with the team at VoyageOne to get us started in China has been a great experience.”

Our entry into China is crucial for UnFranchise Owners, so take a moment to read this great media pickup which discusses our recent success in China and our partnership with VoyageOne – an incredible company which specializes in helping retailers like us enter the Chinese market. If our Singles’ Day success is any indication, this looks like the start of a beautiful friendship and powerful symbiosis! A special thanks to the all-star team at VoyageOne for helping us get established in China. We’re so excited to leverage this powerful partnership to grow our business in China and foster continued success in Asia. 

Keep Growing!
-JR Ridinger