May 13th, 2017

Global Success: New UnFranchise Business Presentation Videos in Chinese and Spanish

Our award-winning multimedia team has been hard at work on new videos for our global UnFranchise family, and I’m very pleased to share with you some excellent new video resources that will make a big impact on your business. Below you’ll find links for our new UBP videos in Chinese and Spanish!

These new videos do a great job of explaining our business, and also serve as excellent marketing resources when introducing the business to new people. Having these new videos available in Chinese and Spanish opens up new possibilities and helps us reach new audiences.

Sharing these videos with your fellow UnFranchise Owners is a great way to ensure your team is utilizing the very best and newest resources available to you. Let me know how you’re using them – I always love seeing feedback for things like this!

Keep Growing!

-JR Ridinger



New Chinese UBP Videos: 


超連鎖事業説明會 (23:10)  – UnFranchise® Business Presentation (23:10)



美安公司與SHOP.COM概覽 (10:34)  – Market America|SHOP.COM Overview (10:34)




美安公司與SHOP.COM概覽 (6:07)  – Market America|SHOP.COM Overview (6:07)




水平行銷 vs 垂直行銷 (1:37)  – Horizontal Marketing vs Vertical Marketing (1:37)




建立超連鎖事業五步驟 (12:45)  – Five Steps To Build An UnFranchise® Business (12:45)

New Spanish UBP Videos:


Presentación del Negocio UnFranchise® (23:10)  – UnFranchise® Business Presentation (23:10)




Panorama general de Market America y SHOP.COM (10:34)  – Market America|SHOP.COM Overview (10:34)




Panorama general de Market America | SHOP.COM (6:07)   – Market America|SHOP.COM Overview (6:07)




Comercialización horizontal vs. comercialización vertical (1:37)   – Horizontal Marketing vs Vertical Marketing (1:37)




Cinco Pasos para desarrollar un Negocio UnFranchise® (12:45)  – Five Steps To Build An UnFranchise® Business (12:45)




UnFranchise® Business Presentation Videos Playlist (US) (English – Chinese – Spanish)




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