Getting Traffic to your DRS Site

Distributor Recruiting sites are a great tool for UnFranchise Owners to leverage – and can really help you attract new people to your UnFranchise Business. The ma WebCenters team has put together a great list of tips to strategies to help you get the most out of this amazing resource. Have a look below at their great tips:

Want more traffic to your DRS website? The old expression “content is king” has never been more true. Here are four ways to use content to drive traffic to your site.


  • You’ve undoubtedly seen lots of memes over the years, and there’s a reason for it. These short, simple, picture and text combinations are incredibly popular, because they’re funny, quick to read, and are sharable among friends. You can make your own memes quickly and easily, and for free. Visit the websites Meme Generator or Quick Meme to get started. Then circulate your memes over email and social media to draw traffic to your site.
  • You’ve probably used PowerPoint before to make presentations. You can also use PowerPoint to market your DRS site. Make some visually appealing and informative slides, then share them with prospects via websites like SlideShare.
  • Make your own case studies to share success stories with your prospects. Just about any word processing or graphic design program can be used to assemble text, photos, and simple charts that will show your prospects how your business brought success to someone’s life.
  • Create your own podcasts and build an audience that will help drive traffic to your site. Tools such as Smart Podcast Player make it easy to create your own podcasts.

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