Gearing up for Market America’s 2010 International Convention

Convention is just around the corner, this means we must be prepared, focused, and alert for what is to be the best and biggest International Convention yet!  I am so excited to b e sharing this experience with you, we are launching an eminent amount of new products and strategies.  For the first time, Olympic Gold medalist Scottie Pippen will be taking over our stage,  Twitter queen & entrepreneur Kim Kardashian will be on stage to launch”Kim Kollection” by  Loren Jewels,  learn how to’s of social media and so much more! This is the new era of Market America, it’s time to act and believe in yourself.

Here are 10 things that you as an entrepreneur, need to be prepared for at the upcoming 2010 Market America Convention.

1. Listen & Stay Focused:  with so much information to absorb it is imperative to pay attention and listen.

2. Write Things Down:  It is impossible to remember everything, taking notes during presentation is essential.

3. Stay Connected: Social media will be used heavily throughout, be sure you are fol lowing myself on Twitter and Facebook.

4. Attend breakouts for the areas you want to focus on

5. Each morning or evening get your team together for a brief meeting to discuss areas they had questions on or want to improve

6. Buy tickets for 2011 World Conference in Miami

7. Don’t understand something? Visit the pertinent booth to have your questions answered, no question is a bad question if you don’t ask you will never know.

8. Pick up important support materials like Haute Living magazines

9. Network! Network! Network!  people lead to people

10. Add your social media accounts on your mobile and activate it before you get to convention, it only takes 2 minutes.  If you have questions e-mail Christian

~Keep Growing