March 28th, 2013

Fuel your Shopping Annuity with SHOP.COM Direct!

SHOP.COM Direct is a game changer when it comes to the Shopping Annuity and IBV accumulation! 20% IBV is huge!!!  This is about converting spending into earning on all office and business materials, supplies and equipment. We are all in business tight? You have an organization of business owners…right?  Everyone knows people in business …right?  You have customers in business or who buy these types of items …right?

And it has significant Cashback as an additional incentive! If you are familiar with this site and use it yourself you will be prepared to be a of service to your customers and team as a Shop Consultant and product broker. What happens to your BV and organizations’ BV when everyone transfers all office and business spending dollars to SHOP.COM Direct?

To give you an idea of just how incredible SHOP.COM Direct is, here is a breakdown savings and benefits offered by leading national retailers compared to those offered by SHOP.COM Direct Office Supplies. The benefits speak for themselves!


Store                                                       Instant Cashback                                        IBV

SHOP.COM Direct                                             YES                                                        20%

Office Depot                                                         NO                                                        0.5%

Office Max                                                            NO                                                          4%

Quill                                                                        NO                                                        0.5%

Staples                                                                   NO                                                          4%


Nowhere else can you earn up to 5% Cashback instantly on your purchases, along with an incredible 20% IBV to further build your business. Make SHOP.COM Direct Office Supplies your only source of office supplies today — your business will thank you for it.

This is a time to lead by example.  Get your family to start using it today. The difference between success and failure is simply that the person who succeeds does what the person who fails does not do. What will you do? That is the question. My advice – JUST DO IT!

Please let me know what you experience by using it and send me your thoughts and experiences. We can continue raising BV and IBV as well keeping prices low by using our collective buying power! That means making it a mission, the DNA, the code the creed! I believe in you. Do you believe in the UBO, the MPCP, the Shopping Annuity and powered by Market America? Then please show it—for yourself, your success, your team, and Market America.

Keep growing,

-JR Ridinger


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