August 29th, 2018

From Vision to Reality: Team Unicorn Shares Their Dream Boards

I love dream boards or vision boards because they really help people visualize the things they’d like to manifest within their lives. During #MAIC2018 Loren and I shared with you our dream board to show you that we still do this because it’s a powerful and tangible reminder of your hopes, dreams, and goals!

I recently came across a great post on Facebook with Team Unicorn showing off all the great dream boards they created. I love seeing this because it really helps you conceptualize and visualize your goals and what you need to do to make them a reality…


These boards become even more powerful when you show other people because you’re setting a bar and a standard for you to reach! A little positive reinforcement never hurts because the more people who know about your goals, the more you’ll fight to make it a reality!

Keep Growing!

-JR Ridinger

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