Fresh New Look: Menu Makeover

Team, I’m very excited to share with you our latest update to which provides some great improvements in functionality and aesthetics. We are constantly working to develop new features and refine our systems, and we think our latest work on will be a great benefit for UFOs. Have a look below at our official announcement which highlights our latest improvements to, in particular our new Menu Makeover!

We put a lot of thought and consideration into these changes and believe they will help make an even more useful resource for UnFranchise Owners. I especially like having the “My Account” features located in a dropdown menu under the user account icon. Looking for your Form 1000? Be sure to check out the “Online Forms” area here…

By revamping the main navigation menu we’ve essentially rethought the organization for this material, and believe the changes we’ve made will ultimately deliver a better user experience which presents this content in a more efficient and effective manner. Obviously, it will take a period of adjustment to learn the new layout, but once it becomes second nature to you – you’re really gonna love it…


After’s Menu Makeover  

Market America Worldwide continuously strives to supply you with the most efficient and effective tools and technologies for support in your entrepreneurial journey as an UnFranchise® Owner. The next chapter of that journey recently began, so we’re excited to unveil the next major enhancement – We’ve completely redesigned and revamped the main navigation menu on  

Now the menu on features a sleek modern look and streamlined structure, which makes it easier than ever for you to access the powerful products, tools and resources that are available to you for managing and growing your UnFranchise Business. 

With new optimized sections and dropdown menus that are organized logically, the menu is now clean, simple and responsive on desktops, tablets and phones, so you can quickly find what you need each time you visit Along with saving you valuable time, the new menu saves space on the screen so you can get down to business and focus on result-producing activities. 

Here are details about the menu’s sections, icons and other notable new items: 

Home (Represented by the UnFranchise logo) 

Click/Tap the UnFranchise logo in the top left corner whenever you want to return to the Home page. 


Visit this section for pages related to ordering, including Order Products, All Stores, AutoShip, Order History/Reorder, Inventory Management, My Lists and more.  

Notable new items:  

  • Event Tickets enables you to view upcoming events and purchase tickets.  
  • Trial-Sized Marketing displays products and resources that can be utilized to implement trial-sized marketing for retailing and prospecting. 


Visit this section for pages related to administering your business organization and your preferred customers, including Reports, My Customers, My Organization, Services, Apps & Features Center and more. 

Notable new items:  

  • Reports are now conveniently located at the top of the Business dropdown menu.  
  • Pages pertaining to University Majors are arranged towards the bottom, where you can manage the specific divisions that are applicable to your UnFranchise Business.   


Visit this section for pages related to training, guidance and support as you build and grow your UnFranchise Business, including Learning Center, Support Materials, UnFranchise Audios, UnFranchise Manual, GMTSS, Online Training and more. 

Notable new items:  

  • Social Media gives you quick access to the company’s social media pages you can visit and follow.  
  • My Websites provides you with a complete list of your websites that are available for retailing and marketing. Be sure to visit and sign into your retailing websites so you can share your full personalized URLs and get credit as the referring UnFranchise Owner when your customers make purchases. 

My Account (Represented by a face/user account icon)

Visit this section for pages related to administering your UnFranchise account, including Account Settings, Online Forms, Payment Settings, Shopping Annuity Assessment, BV/IBV Management and more.  

Notable new items:  

  • Sign Out is now located at the bottom of the My Account dropdown menu.  
  • Payment Settings offers an organized group of payment options you can manage, such as Express Pay, Credit/Debit Card and others. 

  Mobile Menu (Represented by a three-striped icon) 

When visiting your UnFranchise account on a phone, tablet and smaller desktop windows, you’ll see an icon with three stripes in the top left corner. Click/Tap the icon to view and navigate this dynamic menu’s main sections including OrderingBusinessResources and My Account.  

Country Flag & Language Options 

These are now presented at the bottom of every page. 

We hope you enjoy the new improvements specially designed to simplify and streamline navigation throughout, strengthen the value of the UnFranchise Management System (UFMS) and optimize your experience as you continue your entrepreneurial journey.