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October 12th, 2012

Forecasts Predict An Online Holiday Shopping Money Storm!

Can you believe that the holiday shopping season is right around the corner? This recent article from Internet Retailer indicates that over $54 billion will be spent online this holiday shopping season – which would be a 17% jump from last year. Looks like it will be raining money this holiday season – do you have your buckets out?


Clearly, people are beginning to realize the incredible benefits of shopping online – and we are poised for tremendous success this holiday season. In about one month, an online shopping downpour will begin, and will last all the way into January. It will be raining MONEY – so you better be ready to cash in!


Billions of dollars will be spent in the coming months in online retail – so I ask you, what business are you in? Ever heard of SHOP.COM? This is called retailing and it’s a big part of the Basic 5. It’s all part of the shopping annuity, and for the next two months online shopping will be in overdrive with the holiday season fast approaching. Billions will be spent with or without you, so you need to get in the game!


You will be buying gifts. Your friends and family will be buying gifts. All of your organization, along with everyone they know will also be buying gifts online – so if you don’t take action you’re going to miss out on an amazing opportunity. Will you have your buckets out?


Taking advantage of the holiday shopping season couldn’t be easier. All you need to do is simply ask everyone you know if they’ve made their Christmas or Holiday Shopping list yet. Offer to help them find what they are looking for at the best possible price, while still getting them Cashback from SHOP.COM.


As a Shop Consultant you’re filling a need and providing them with a great service they will truly appreciate – who wouldn’t want help with their holiday shopping? You need to start setting appointments and booking shopping parties. Research their shopping list and show them what you can do for them by finding them the absolute best deals – impress them! I bet you’ll even get a BV order too while you’re at it!


Start the process NOW so you are ahead of the game and poised for success once the holiday shopping season is in full swing! Together, we own one of the best online shopping sites in the world, which helps our customers save time and money. And remember – any of the deals, promotions, or free shipping that is offered by any of our partners will also be offered on our SHOP.COM site.


Remember we have some fantastic features like ShopBuddy, eGifts, SHOP.COM gift card, price alerts, etc. It’s our job to simply let people know!

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