Florida Gubernatorial Candidate Philip Levine Visits #MAWC2018

Loren and I have never really been too interested in politics. We’ve found that often times partisan disagreements derail efforts to reach a consensus for the common good, and the result is bickering and gridlock. To be honest I’ve never seen a political climate such as the one we’re experiencing right now in the United States. It’s almost like people are afraid of revealing their political inclinations due to the caustic environment – but I’m here today to proudly share my support for a brilliant leader who’s always supported us.

Philip Levine is not only a close personal friend and fellow entrepreneur, but he’s also running for Governor of Florida. As the former mayor of Miami Beach, Philip led with forward-thinking, inclusive policies which were good for our city as a whole. I think the fact that Philip is also an entrepreneur gives him a unique understanding the role government cam play in both boosting business and helping the economy. I know the state of Florida could greatly benefit from his leadership and his willingness to work with all parties involved to discover solutions that help everyone.

Philip isn’t LEFT or RIGHT – he’s all about moving FORWARD. I think that’s the exact type of leadership our state needs in such a divisive time. Philip has always been a big believe in the UnFranchise and was kind enough to visit us last week at World Conference to talk about that. He has always been there for us and we will always be there for him as well.

You can find out a lot more about his campaign and what you can do to get involved by visiting PhilipLevine2018.com. I’ve also included below two great video clips from Philips visit last week at #MAWC2018 last week!

Keep Growing,

-JR Ridinger