August 17th, 2017

Family Business Spotlight: The Charlands

One unique aspect of our business is the fact that it’s an opportunity that can be passed down to different generations. While being able to will this business to others is excellent, what’s even more special is when your children follow in your footsteps and endeavor to become entrepreneurs themselves. I’ve experienced this myself, having witnessed both of my daughters blossom into driven and principled entrepreneurs. It makes you proud as a parent and gives you hope for the future. This is also something UFO Michelle Charland is experiencing with her incredible son Kevin, who had a blast at International Convention.

The Charland family must have some very special DNA because it’s absolutely spectacular watching them develop into not only successful UFOs but also true leaders who show others the way and lead by example. I’ve included a great exchange we all recently shared on Facebook below, because it speaks about their experiences at #MAIC2017 as well as the way Kevin is already following through on what he learned. I’m thrilled to see this and just wanted to highlight the great things the Charlands are doing. Congratulations to you both, and thank you for being such a special part of this family business!

Keep Growing!
-JR Ridinger



Kevin Charland: So grateful to have learned so much from this amazing man JR Ridinger about how we are revolutionizing the digital marketing industry! So happy to be an owner in this incredible business and I can’t wait to build it up over these next few years! #maic2017 #marketamerica

JR Ridinger: Thank you so much for the kind words Kevin – the future of the UnFranchise is very bright with young leaders like you!

Michelle Proeto Charland: Yes!! The day after Conference, Kevin took the lead with a very successful 2:1 Business Presentation. His passion, knowledge and BELIEF has grown tremendously since hearing and learning all that encompassed our incredible #MAIC2017! Especially with listening to YOU in the front row! He’s ready to go back to College this weekend, and show the Business to many of his friends now!



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