April 3rd, 2012

Experience the Power of UnFranchise – Worldwide!

As I sit back and reflect on our journey to Hong Kong and Taiwan, I’m filled with a great sense of pride. Not only am I proud of the growth of our company, but I’m also proud to work with committed, passionate UnFranchise owners across the globe. Having the chance to travel to meet with them face to face was an utterly life-changing experience for us, and I was truly honored to take part in their conventions.


These  pictures should give you an idea of the sheer enormity of the Market Taiwan Convention. Loren and I were simply blown away by the passion and belief on display – it was almost like being a rock star!


Meeting these Taiwanese UFO’s was a remarkable experience – we’ve never seen anything like it! It was truly a magical moment for everyone. While I had hoped to inspire them, their passion and belief has inspired and motivated me in the process! We’re back stateside now, and more motivated than ever before!



Keep Growing!

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