October 12th, 2010

Establishing a Creative Environment by Example of Leading

It is essential to set the proper atmosphere for creativity to flourish.  One of the ways to do this is being an effective leader who inspires others and leads by example.  There are distinct differences between leaders and bosses; Apple is perceived as being one of the most creative companies in the past decade.  Steve Jobs has discussed the philosophy of maintaining a creative environment and how one must lead by example.  Part of being entrepreneur is to inspire others to think, create and build; you must set examples and share ideas that will take these ideas into developments. How do we do this?  Below are some ideas suggested for team leaders to foster your team in creative environments:

  • “Don’t give people goals, give them directions
  • “Build a textured environment to extend not just people’s aspirations but their sensibilities” You can’t buy creativity, you can inspire it.
  • “Build emotion into the system” Defensiveness is the bane of all passion-filled creative work.  One way to keep defenses down is to encourage problem-finding as well as problem solving
  • “Encourage accountability over responsibility.”
  • “Getting ordinary people to reach beyond themselves and do extraordinary things can be the result of establishing a nurturing creative environment.”  To establish this type of atmosphere requires the reconciliation of traditional corporate attitudes with more entrepreneurial attitudes.  If this fine line can be traversed without abandoning the very characteristics that have led to a company’s success in the past, much progress can be made.


~Keep growing


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