March 22nd, 2010

Entrepreneurs Teach Entrepreneurs

Observe the passion and excitement these people have–the thirst for knowledge and the passion from success and financial freedom. This was a Special Business building Seminar conducted by Kevin Buckman, Frank and Gengie Keefer, and Jim Winkler sharing how they have made millions with the Unfranchise in Market America.

The group came from Flushing NY to Miami to learn how to grow their business and earn more residual income. This is one of the fastest growing groups and Amber Wang books four moving up special business building seminars a year on Utopia 2 or 3. They claim it does more for their growth and success than any other single thing.

Observe the thirst for knowledge, the passion to succeed, the team work, and that they are having FUN. This is common pot entrepreneurism in general. It is the joy of the journey. Success s a journey not a destination. The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

Here they are getting a tour of our estate Casa De Suenos with my beautiful wife Loren Ridinger.

Enjoying their new success on Utopia II.

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