February 14th, 2020

Energize Your UnFranchise with Layered

Team, I’d like to share with you an excellent update from Jacki Blasko which is a perfect example of taking action and applying what was taught at World Conference. It’s especially exciting to see UFOs already capitalizing on Amber’s hot new jewelry brand – Layered. It’s great to see this new product line energize UnFranchise growth while helping everyone leverage a booming multi-billion dollar market. 

Jacki is hosting Layered parties and is back at it full force, even inspiring other pioneers or “lifers” back into action with renewed growth and excitement. The Layered line is selling like crazy and is in such high-demand, it’s easy to see why it’s helping attract new business prospects while reenergizing other UFOs. 

Jacki is a brilliant UFO and is helping lead the parade. She recognizes that the Layered brand has better quality at a better price than what is out there & our MPCP is the best compensation plan in the business – so this is a winning combination. Layered ultimately helps more people discover the UnFranchise along with our other world-class product lines! 

I’ve included below some excellent photos from the Layered parties where Tom Holden (Senior Partner) came to Florida for a week to team up and assist – just like a true leader! (I talked about this at WC). Several teams in Southwest Gold Coast Florida are teaming up and working together to do trunk shows and have FUN! This is what people power & teamwork are all about! 

The best thing about stories like this is they inspire action among other pioneers or people who may have been in the business for a while and are looking for that new spark of growth and opportunity. It’s time to #GetLayered! 

Have a look below at some great pictures from Jacki Blasko’s Layered parties – and feel free to send me updates of your own! This amazing new line provides UnFranchise Owners with a tremendous retail opportunity and a business building windfall. Layered may be exactly what you need to spark new growth, amplify success, and reinvigorate your fellow UnFranchise Owners! Follow Jacki’s lead!!! 

This is what happens when you apply what you learn at powerhouse events like MAWC2020 & leverage hot new product lines and booming markets to supercharge your UnFranchise growth! 

Keep Growing! 
-JR Ridinger


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