Empowerment: Loren Ridinger Featured in Forbes

2018 has been a huge year for Loren and I both on a personal and professional level, and we’re ending this incredible year on another high point with Loren being featured in Forbes magazine! This is a tremendous article about empowerment not to mention its excellent exposure for business! CLICK HERE to view it on Forbes.com.

I’m so proud of everything Loren’s accomplished in the realm of beauty and business, but it’s her role as a mother and grandmother that makes her the truly special person she is. I love her more every day and am thrilled to see the world recognizes her for the incredible person she is.

What I love most about her being featured in these types of publications is she helps set an example for other entrepreneurs to emulate and ultimately helps people discover the power they have within to make their dreams a reality. Visit Forbes.com today and read Loren’s exciting new article!

Keep Growing!
-JR Ridinger