June 2nd, 2020

Empower Yourself with Online Product Training Pages on UnFranchise.com

Team, we are perpetually improving and refining this business by developing new products, new features, new tools & systems, and new ways to help you grow your UnFranchise Business on a global scale. Without question – one of the biggest keys to becoming a successful UnFranchise Owner is becoming a product of the product and experiencing the results for yourself.

As a retailer and entrepreneur, there’s nothing more authentic, genuine, and effective than sharing your personal product experiences with your customers and potential business partners. To effectively market a product, you have to first become a product of the product – and that can only be achieved through experiential learning and trying the products for yourself. 

Being a product broker isn’t about selling people products. It’s about connecting people with products that can have a positive impact on their lives. By trying our products and experiencing the results and solutions firsthand, you’ll become a better marketer because when you speak with people about our products the things you say carry the weight of personal experience. It’s genuine, its authentic, and it’s the most effective way to connect people with the products they want and need.  

Right now, people are seeking products and solutions for nearly everything under the sun, and fortunately for UnFranchise Owners – we offer powerhouse product lineups that are incredibly diverse, robust, and always in-demand. We stay ahead of the trends and deliver the highest quality products which have been sourced with premium ingredients and backed by cutting edge science. 

Our business is Built on Product and Powered by People – I suggest you empower yourself today by visiting our Online Product Training pages on UnFranchise.com which serve as an essential resource for UFOs. These product training pages feature products which were recommended by our Director of Clinical Research, Dr. Deedra Mason, and provide you with a wealth of information and insights including blog articles, videos, retailing tips, and much more. 

You can access all this information right now through the Help & Training drop down menu in your UnFranchise Business Account, then select Learning Center. I’ve highlighted this in the image below…

Selecting Learning Center in the Help & Training drop down menu will take you to this page…

This product training hub breaks everything down in understandable terms, with product categories which include:



Gut Health

Children’s Health 

By familiarizing yourself with the material presented here, you’ll be better equipped to answer your customers’ questions and ultimately help connect them with the products which are right for them. Be sure to share this information with your teams because these resources are designed to help you become retail superstars. When you couple that with experiential learning and trying the products for yourselves – that’s when you truly start to become a product of the product! 

Becoming a Product of the Product is so important because it strengthens your belief in the quality and value of the products, supports your retailing efforts and enables you to better serve your preferred customers. The objective is to build Base 10, Seven Strong — and that begins with you as your own, best customer. It all starts with you!

Keep Growing!
-JR Ridinger

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