September 12th, 2018

Dying Professions in the Digital Age

I recently found this fascinating slideshow which highlights some of the jobs which are actually dying professions you should avoid. Truthfully, I think everyone should avoid the 45-year rut – but these jobs are at particular risk of being replaced by technology in the coming years. As technology progresses and robotics and the algorithms continue to evolve, more and more “human” jobs are going to become automated.

Even white-collar jobs that many think will be safe from the new wave of automation will ultimately succumb to this paradigm shift. To me, this whole scenario just reinforces the importance of building an ongoing income with the UnFranchise Business. Some professions are obviously more stable than others but this list could be a real eye opener for you and helps you appreciate and consider different options like the UnFranchise.

Is your career going down the wrong path? This article helps highlight the ever-changing job landscape and shows we all need to cultivate additional ways to generate an income – and in our case its an ongoing income! This is great food for thought and just shows how crucial it will be in the coming years for everyone to diversify your income earning potential!

Keep Growing!

-JR Ridinger

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