Driving Traffic to Your Business to Generate Sales

Market America Worldwide has spent millions of dollars in advertising on Google, Bing and a number of other sites to create new customers for UnFranchise® Owners (UFOs). This year, we are stepping up those efforts! We are finding ways to maximize the dollars spent on new customer acquisition, to spend more to create new customers, and to help previous customers who have gotten lost along the way to come back to purchasing on SHOP.COM and your other sites and get reconnected to you.

To be competitive, though, it’s important that we are able to spend enough to compete with other companies trying to purchase the same sort of keywords and advertising. With that in mind, we’ve made some powerful enhancements to our current programs, which UFOs will automatically be enrolled in. 

As Market America runs advertising campaigns for our exclusive products, the traffic we drive to your sites that results in a sale to an existing customer will have a portion of the retail profit from that sale used to help cover the cost of the ad. Market America will be paying the majority of those costs, but to help offset the overall expense, 15% of the order total will be deducted from the retail profit on an order from someone who is already a customer of yours and who purchased as a result of our advertising. You as the UnFranchise Owner will still get 100% of the BV, and the 15% offset will not apply to orders from your customers who go directly to your SHOP.COM site. The offset will only apply if an existing customer of yours sees one of our ads on Google Shopping or Bing, for example, clicks on it, comes to your SHOP.COM or other site, and then completes a purchase for one of our exclusive products. If they then come back directly to your SHOP.COM site for their next order, you will receive 100% of the retail profit (and 100% of the BV, as always).

This allows Market America to be more aggressive and spend more strategically on advertising on Google, Bing, Facebook, YouTube, and other websites, and only have it affect orders of our exclusive products where one of these ads results in a sale for you!

Keep in mind that this program only affects you if a sale happens from an existing customer who came from one of Market America’s paid advertising campaigns. It has no effect on your direct marketing efforts that you do yourself, including orders generated from your own advertising efforts. Using the coupon marketing tools on UnFranchise.com or your direct marketing efforts with your customer base will help you maximize your retail profit and BV, and it’s important for keeping that personal connection with your customers! You can see these tools by visiting the “My Customers” section in your UnFranchise.com account.