November 29th, 2019

Down Under: Dennis Franks Makes Strides in Sydney

It’s incredible to think just how far we’ve come as a company that started in a humble home in Greensboro, NC. With operations flourishing around the world, it’s amazing to see our economic and entrepreneurial opportunity resonates with everyone. Not only do we have the best system in the world for helping average people develop an ongoing income, but we also have some of the finest business leaders you’ll ever find. Dennis Franks is one of those leaders, and the impact he’s made on our overall success simply cannot be overstated. He’s a vital part of our business and a leader everyone looks up to, including myself.

The strides he’s making with our teams in Australia have been incredible, and he recently shared with us a great update showing off their progress together. I love seeing our business clicking on a global scale – and people like Dennis Franks are a big part of making that happen. Congratulations to our UFOs in Australia who are leveraging this business to build ongoing success!

Have a look below at some recent pictures from Dennis, along with some pics of some awesome UFOs h’s been working with in Sydney. I love seeing our business flourish on a global scale and am so thankful we have pioneers like Dennis Franks who are always willing to step up and help others evolve into hopeless successes! Well done team!

Keep Growing!
-JR Ridinger

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One Response to Down Under: Dennis Franks Makes Strides in Sydney

  1. Bonnie Philo
    Dennis does it like no other. A star with Market America, Market Australia and a global force for sure. We bow to Dennis and all he has done and continues to do.

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