March 9th, 2020

Dow Jones: Ups and Downs Reinforce the Need for the UnFranchise

Anyone who’s been paying attention to the stock market today just became well aware of the dire need to develop a Plan B!!! Within minutes of the opening bell today, the Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped by over 1,800 points as Russia and Saudi Arabia’s crude oil production fight and global coronavirus anxiety formed a perfect storm for investors. After the massive selloff this morning, some of the Dow’s “circuit breakers” kicked in to stop the bleeding – halting trading earlier this morning. While trading is back on, there are still other measures in play which would trigger further trade stoppages. If the Dow drops by more than 20%, trading will close for the day. For some, today will serve as a vital wakeup call. 

Many people had grown accustomed to the booming stock market, and unfortunately many people will feel the pain from today’s drop. You may want to refrain from looking at your 401k today if you have a weak stomach. If anything, this stock dip reaffirms the importance of having a Plan B, especially in an age of market volatility and economic uncertainty.  

The plummeting stock market today is a great reminder that we all need to develop an ongoing income with the UnFranchise that utilizes the Shopping Annuity to convert spending into earning on the items you needed to buy anyway. It’s the perfect backup plan for today’s economy, and if you build the business the right way it can easily evolve past Plan B and become the cornerstone of your personal economic success. 

What’s so powerful about our business is the fact we tap into a wide variety of markets with top of the line products – unlike some companies, we don’t rely on a single revenue stream. Our diverse brands & product lines provide everyone with not only world class products and solutions but also an entrepreneurial opportunity to leverage these products & build lasting success (and an ongoing income) with the UnFranchise.

Don’t fall victim to a volatile economy! Build an UnFranchise of your own and protect yourself with an ongoing income! We have what everyone needs right now, that’s why it’s so important to share your business with new people! The world needs the UnFranchise business now more than ever, and the ones who understand and appreciate this fact stand to benefit from their foresight and belief in the business! There’s never been a better time to become an UnFranchise Owner!

Keep Growing!
-JR Ridinger 

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