October 28th, 2019

Don & Lisa Martin: Turning an Action Plan into Results

Team, I’d like to share with you an excellent update I received this weekend from Don and Lisa Martin which highlights some of their recent successes. I love seeing UFOs implement a plan of action and leverage the evaluation approach, trial run, and ABC Pattern.

We recently did two 90-day fast track trainings to teach people how to become a hopeless success and a follow-up & update session at the end of the first 90 days at their district GMTSS event. It’s all about carrying out the action plan and starting patterns with the evaluation method, no-decision close, into trial run which becomes the ABC pattern.

I’ve included a few pictures of their recent meetings, evaluations and follow-ups in the homes and UFO locations making it happen. It’s so good to see these happy faces doing it together as teams and making what we discussed and taught a reality. This gets people leading to people!

Keep Growing!

-JR Ridinger 

Special message from Don Martin:

Hey JR and Loren,

Here is some pics of the pattern and procession imprinting home to home through the team since last week when you visited Langhorne PA.  There is so much momentum for those that are going out and connecting with people, and with the add on inoculation piece coming out to educate people beyond the derogatory misleading content online, this will be turbocharged and make it even faster to move through this process of getting to the right people working the pattern    The evaluation approach has also been a major difference maker for so many because it takes all of the pressure off the ufo and their guests. As you can see Sarah Grgic, Ray Yedman, Maleeva Epperson, Brenden Johnson, pastor Pat Verfurth, Vena Hudgins, and John and Janice Talmadge are all making it happen and sharing pics.  There are others as well from the special session fast track teams doing it too, but I haven’t gotten pics from them so I’m asking for them to do so and we can share those with the teams to inspire action and duplication.  The people doing it are getting the results AS ALWAYS!!

Have a great day! 



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